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Brittanie Wright is treasuring a Mother’s Day miracle after her five-year-old daughter, Ne’Vaeh Brown, survived being struck by bullet fragments on April 26. Ne’Vaeh was in a dance practice workout with the Dancing Dolls of Athens when the incident occurred. .

Ne’Vaeh Brown Age

The age of Ne’Vaeh Brown is just 5 years.

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Who shot fire?

A 5-year-old girl in Athens is now waiting for a prosthetic after her eye was removed as a result of a shooting. A man opened fire at a dance studio where she was practicing. Her mother spoke to FOX 5 about her daughter’s long road to recovery.


“I’m happy that she’s still here with us,” Wright told FOX 5. “It could have been worse.” Wright recalled the moment that can only be described as every mother’s worst nightmare. “Nobody thought, ‘I’m at dance practice. A bullet is getting ready to go through the glass,'” she said.

Doctors were forced to remove Ne’Vaeh’s eye after two surgeries. Her mother said that her pressure tore her eyelid and eyeball into pieces. The girl now has a support dog and experiences moments of frustration and anger as she adjusts to her disability.Read More……

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