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A girl, now missing and presumed dead, had been locked in a cell below the stairs and physically abused, her older half-brother told investigators, according to a related court ruling. Oakley Carlson would now be 6 years old, but she was 4 years old at the last credible sighting of her, previously described by authorities as February 10, 2021. Grays Harbor County, Washington, deputies had trouble even finding a recent photo. her. and they had to resort to wearing ones when she was younger. Investigators fear that she is dead and suspect that her parents, Jordan Bowers and Andrew Carlson, have something to do with it.

The cell detail emerged in an Aug. 1 ruling by the Washington State Court of Appeals. The Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office searched juvenile and dependency court records for Oakley and two of her brothers, identified in the documents as “BB-P” and “DC.” They hoped these might include details that would help them find the missing girl.

The juvenile court granted his emergency motions, but one person got in the way: Bowers, who appealed the ruling. “The mother argues that the sheriff’s office lacked standing to request access to the records and that the juvenile court erred in granting the motions,” the ruling stated.


Oakley Carlson Age

The age of Oakley Carlson was 6 year.

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Oakley Carlson was missing

Ultimately, the appeals court found that the juvenile court did nothing wrong in ordering the documents to be turned over to the sheriff’s office. It’s unclear if agents found anything in these records that could help find Oakley, but the ruling points to disturbing details about the boy’s home life.

Agents said school staff reported Oakley missing on Dec. 6, 2021, after visiting her family’s home and finding no sign of her. Investigators also accused the couple of failing to give her sister DC, then 6, the necessary medication. “The drug has been on hold for approximately 15 months,” authorities wrote. “The medication is necessary for her physical well-being and puts her at risk of physical deterioration and could eventually result in death.”


Prosecutors dropped the charge of abandonment of a dependent in the second degree. In return, the mother and father received plea deals on two counts of endangering a child with a controlled substance for exposing DC and JC to methamphetamine. Andrew Carlson received a year in prison; Bowers has to spend 20 months in prison due to his criminal record.

The mother appeared in court again last month for a separate incident in which she accepted a plea deal in an identity theft case and was sentenced to three years in prison. Neither parent has faced charges in Oakley’s disappearance. “I am frustrated and disappointed,” Jamie Jo Hiles, who previously cared for Oakley as her adoptive mother, told KCPQ of the identity theft plea deal. “I feel like the only sense of justice that I could have seen in Jordan has been lost because of this plea deal with the prosecutor.”

The birth parents initially claimed Oakley was with her paternal grandfather, but her grandfather said he had not seen her since Christmas 2020, according to the appeals court ruling. Jordan Brewer and Andrew Carlson later reportedly told police that they “lost track” of Oakley in late November 2021; they claimed that she had started a fire in her house that month. The father said he filed a formal missing person report in early December 2021.Read More…….


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