How Orlando’s ICON Park catches fire

At least 62 guests at a Florida amusement park were left in the dark while riding the Ferris wheel on Saturday night, December 31. The wheel at ICON Park in Orlando reportedly lost power around 6:20 p.m. m. on New Year’s Eve when onlookers saw sparks and fire shots. from one of the pods. How Orlando’s ICON Park catches fire

The Orange County Fire and Rescue Department responded to the scene shortly thereafter, sending ladders up the 400-foot walk to the 20 occupied units nearly three hours after the reported power outage. The rescue service confirmed that all pods and units had been cleared and no injuries were reported at press time.

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“All guests on The Wheel have disembarked safely after the attraction lost power on Saturday night,” ICON Park said in a statement following the successful rescue operation. Video footage captured by onlookers showed sparks coming from the wires of one of the pods. Fire crews said they did not know what caused the power outage or the sparks.

They explained that there was no way to talk to the people who were on the ride when the power went out. With this in mind, the responding firefighters immediately sent the climbers to the attraction to inform them what was happening and asked them to avoid panicking. First they installed ladder trucks to rescue people from the lower pods.


According to WESH 2, the rescue teams manually moved the Ferris wheel to lower the capsules to the ground. They said they worked and coordinated with ICON Park staff and operations team and disclosed that at least 60 firefighters were on site.

At 9:40 p.m. m., officials updated that 62 people had already been escorted to safety as rescue efforts continued. Division Chief Martis Mack explained how they carried out the rescue operation.

“As we turn it down, we have to manually open the door, so it takes 10 to 15 minutes for each pod to open it and get people out,” Mack said. “We have trained hours and hours in this type of rescue, so we were ready for this,” he told WESH 2.


The investigation into the incident is now being turned over to the sheriff’s office who will investigate what led to the power failure. The Wheel opened in 2015 after three years of construction, according to the ICON Park website. The ride is reportedly 400 feet tall and has air-conditioned enclosures for riders.Read More…..

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