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Pele the Brazilian who has long been considered the greatest soccer player of all time, has died at the age of 82.

The legendary figure, a man who transcended his sport and became a global icon, learned that his colon cancer had progressed on December 21 and was told he would be kept in hospital over Christmas, with the iconic striker needing treatment for cardiac and renal dysfunction.

He had previously been admitted to hospital on November 30 with swelling throughout his body and ‘decompensated heart failure’ before passing away a month after receiving hospice care.


He, who had been undergoing treatment for metastatic cancer, was admitted to Albert Einstein Hospital for an unscheduled visit after being brought in by his wife Marcia Aoki and a carer.

Einstein’s medical staff confirmed his condition as anasarca (general swelling), an edemigemic syndrome (general edema) and even identified ‘decompensated heart failure’.

It had also been reported that her chemotherapy treatment on his cancer was no longer working, while mental confusion was diagnosed upon admission to the hospital, where he was restless.


Pele Cause of death

The former footballer reportedly had difficulty eating. Doctors looked at the probability that he had hepatic encephalopathy, a nervous system disorder caused by severe liver disease.

His wife hinted that his visit to the hospital was just for his chemotherapy and standard checkups, and his daughter Kely Nascimento insisted there was no need to be alarmed and that there was no “surprise or emergency” involved with his father’s she was in the hospital.

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On Christmas Eve, Pele’s daughter posted a touching photo of her father in a hospital bed as they cherished “another night together” as he continued to battle cancer.

‘We are still here, in the fight and in the faith. Another night together,’ wrote her daughter Kely Nascimento on Instagram, along with a photo of Pelé cuddling in bed. Pelé’s granddaughter, Sophia, could also be seen in the photo.


Fittingly, one of the last posts he made on social media was about soccer. ‘Hello from Brazil! I hope everyone is enjoying watching the games in the World Cup as much as I am,” he said on November 29. “I love soccer and I also love how it helps and empowers kids through fun, teamwork , and creativity

“That is why I started the Pelé Foundation and why I am delighted to announce that we are establishing our first Three Hearts Awards, which will annually recognize a player, a non-profit organization and an inspiration who has had a meaningful contribution, commitment to philanthropy and community impact that helps and empowers children through educational, anti-poverty or health efforts.

“It’s my pleasure to announce that this year’s honorees will be @grassrootsoccer for leadership in adolescent health over the past 20 years, @cristiano for excellence on and off the field highlighted by his endless commitment to youth causes. children, and @globalempowermentmission for their inspiration to work helping Ukrainian refugees.


He also congratulated Argentina and Lionel Messi on winning the World Cup in Qatar and wrote: “Today, football continues to tell its story, as always, in an exciting way. Messi winning his first World Cup, as his career deserved. My dear friend Mbappé, scoring four goals in a final. What a gift it was to see this spectacle for the future of our sport. And I couldn’t stop congratulating Morocco on the incredible campaign. It’s great to see Africa shine. Congratulations Argentina! Certainly Diego is smiling now.

Pelé also posted on social media his 82nd birthday on October 23. ‘On my birthday, I just want to express my gratitude. Life is good. Turning 82 years old with my family, in good health, is the best gift. Thank you for all that I have received.’

On August 29, Pelé posted a photo of himself and his wife on Instagram in response to suggestions that his health was deteriorating, saying: ‘I’m sending you this photo, just to say thank you. I am very grateful for my wife, for the laughter, for the peace of my home and for all the messages of love from her.


I am very well and taking care of my health. I had to post this because there is fake news going around on this topic. Of course I’m disappointed, but that won’t let me down. I am winning this match. Thanks a lot!’

He had been receiving chemotherapy for a colon tumor that was removed last September and returned to the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo on February 13. While in the hospital he contracted a urinary infection and underwent an endoscopy, which left him weak and with difficulty.Read More…..

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