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In early December, Ashley Guillard posted a series of videos accusing Scofield of being an accessory to the deaths of the four University of Idaho students,

while also claiming to have solved many other high-profile homicides through the tarot reading. Guillard is a Texas-based tarot card reader and entrepreneur/book author who promotes herself on Amazon, Instagram, and Twitter. She was previously a Human Resources Specialist in the US Army.

In a video Guillard shared with her 100,000 followers, she claimed Scofield was romantically involved with one of the victims and alleged that this was the motivation for her involvement in a murder-for-hire conspiracy.


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The professor is now suing her after she refused to stop making outrageous charges after receiving two cease and desist orders. According to the lawsuit, Scofield claims that she never met any of the victims and that none of them took any of her lectures, The Independent reported.


Who is Ashley Guillard? Alleged at University of Idaho is involved in the killings

Scofield was reportedly traveling to Portland, Oregon, with her husband the night of the murders. Wendy Olson, a lawyer for Professor Scofield, told the Independent last week that TikToker’s claims had damaged the professor’s image and re-victimized the families of the students who died.

Throughout the six-week investigation, authorities have consistently dismissed conspiracies and online speculation about the high-profile case. Several people have been the victims of frenzied speculation by detectives online, despite authorities declaring them suspects.

The case has drawn a lot of attention on social media, making it difficult for officials to investigate. Challenges with the investigation have also increased as a result of increased media attention and pressure from the families of the victims. Even six weeks after the murders, there is no sign of a breakthrough.


As the case continues to garner national attention, police have revealed they received 10,000 tips about the college roommates’ murders.

Authorities have regularly updated the investigation, although some details have been kept secret to “preserve the integrity of the investigation,” according to police.

Hundreds of personnel from the Moscow Police Department, the FBI and the Idaho State Police have been involved in the investigation. Governor Brad Little has earmarked up to $1 million in state emergency funds for the ongoing investigation.


A tarot card reader on TikTok amplified false conspiracy theories about the University of Idaho murders, openly demeaning and threatening an innocent history professor who has now filed a defamation case against her as unsubstantiated claims have endangered his life and reputation.

Rebecca Scofield, an associate professor and chair of the history department at the University of Idaho, filed a lawsuit alleging that the user posted defamatory statements about her on TikTok despite receiving numerous cease and desist orders.

Police have said Scofield has no connection to the case. Let’s meet this TikTok user spreading misinformation and false reports about a case that hasn’t been solved yet.Read More….


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