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A South Carolina boy was rushed to the hospital with water intoxication after he drank six bottles of water in less than an hour on a sweltering day. Ray Jordan, 10, was playing with friends outside in Columbia over the Fourth of July holiday weekend when he nearly lost his life.

Within an hour of swallowing the water, the boy was displaying disturbing symptoms that made his parents fear the worst. “(Ray) couldn’t control his head or his arms or anything,” his father, Jeff Jordan, told WIS-TV. ‘His motor functions of him had disappeared.’

Fortunately, the 10-year-old boy made a full recovery, but his parents’ warnings serve as a reminder to others of the dangers that the hot summer months present. The boy’s brush with death came as he, like millions of other Americans, was enjoying the warm weather for the Fourth of July festivities.


Ray Jordan Age

The age of Ray Jordan is 10 year.

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What happened to Ray Jordan

His parents said that in the hours before his hospitalization, an excited Ray was going “at full speed” with his cousins, “running circles around the house, a bunch of kids together, jumping on the trampoline “. However, his mother, Stacy, said that after a while she got thirsty and ran inside to get some water. “We didn’t realize how much he had,” she added, as it was later discovered that he had drunk six bottles from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m.

Within an hour, Jeff’s father says the boy “couldn’t control his head or his arms or anything” and his “motor functions were gone.” As the reality of the situation set in, the parents added that Ray was apparently deteriorating and that he “almost appeared to be on drugs, drunk or even mentally disabled.” As she panicked, the 10-year-old girl was rushed to Prisma Health Children’s Hospital.


There, emergency tests were performed on Ray. and it was discovered that he suffered from ‘water intoxication’. The medical crisis occurs when the kidneys cannot handle a large amount of water at once, resulting in critically low levels of sodium in the blood.

“They were giving him something to help him urinate as much as possible to get those fluids out because he was swelling around his brain, which is why his head was hurting so much,” Stacey added.

After some additional procedures, including regulating his blood with renewed levels of sodium and potassium, his mother recalled that she miraculously “just woke up.” Not knowing how close she had come to dangerously endangering her own health, the mother added that Ray woke up saying: ‘Where am I? What happened?’


Her parents were relieved and added that Ray has since made a full recovery and has no ongoing side effects.However, they said it should serve as a warning to other parents who don’t know the dangers to watch out for. “It never would have occurred to us that it was dangerous,” the parents said.

The couple also insisted that the crisis could have been avoided by swapping the water for sports drinks. Health authorities recommend alternating between water and drinks like Gatorade on hot days to combat dehydration, because the electrolytes in sports drinks don’t dilute blood sodium levels.Read More………

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