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A serial killer who confessed to killing 14 people over a span of 16 years has finally been caught in Brazil. Renato Teixeira, 35, was arrested on Wednesday in Franco de Rocha, São Paulo. During an interrogation at a police station, Teixeira told police that he alone was responsible for nine of the murders. But he changed his tune when he was escorted out of the building and told a Record TV reporter that he was responsible for 14 murders.

Authorities describe him as a prostitute who murdered three people he met through online dating apps between 2020 and 2022. It is unknown which sites he visited. He met two male victims in the São Bernardo and Santo André cities of São Paulo and a woman in Pirutuba.

Renato Teixeira Age

The age of Renato Teixeira is 35 year.


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Charges on Renato Teixeira

Teixeira used the false name ‘Bruno’ when he identified himself on dating apps and always sought financial favors from his victims. São Bernardo Police Chief Roberto Krasovic told reporters that Teixeira attacked his love interests with knives or poisoned them every time they refused his demands. “He would not take ‘no’ and persisted in constantly seeking new targets, even after committing the crimes,” Krasovic said. Deputy Police Chief Giuliano Rossi revealed that Teixeira used knives up to 15 centimeters long to kill his victims.

Sectional police chief Kelly Cesar described him as a psychopath. “His coolness of him in describing the crimes, even detailing the type of knife he preferred to use, is astounding,” he said. The police focused on Teixeira after the murder of Mário Marchiani, 60, on December 3, 2022, in a house he rented in São Bernardo.

He then waited three days to text the husband of the property’s owner to tell him that he had murdered Marchiani and left the body in one of the rooms. The victim’s body was in a state of decomposition when the Military Police raided the house.Read More…….


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