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A 13-year-old Argentine boy has been arrested after he allegedly confessed to beating his best friend to death during school lunch, according to local reports. The arrest came after the body of 14-year-old Joaquin Sperani was found in an abandoned house days after his parents reported him missing for not returning home on June 29.

Joaquín was last seen leaving his school at lunchtime with his friend in the small town of Laboulaye, Argentina, about 200 miles south of Córdoba. Security footage from that day shows the couple walking side by side and smiling, then entering the house where Joaquin’s body was later found.

Shortly after, the unidentified suspect left without Joaquín and then returned to the school for the rest of the day where the victim’s bicycle remained tied up, according to La Nación. “That boy is a psychopath. He was a lifelong friend of Joaquín, ”the victim’s distraught mother, Mariela Flores, told Télam. “They went to elementary school together. They were there at each other’s birthday parties.”


Joaquin Sperani Age

The age of Joaquin Sperani was 14 year.

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Who killed Joaquin Sperani?

While police spent two days searching the area for Joaquin, his friend allegedly lied to police with false information about where he might be. Three days later, a neighbor who was searching with relatives of Joaquín checked the abandoned house and found the body.

“We were walking with two of his cousins and we passed an abandoned house. We went in and as soon as we entered we saw the body,” the neighbor told the media. “The cousins started screaming. It was like a horror movie. I saw the body and I couldn’t believe it. After that, we called the police and they took us out of the place.”


Authorities determined that Joaquin had received at least 10 blows to the head so violent that he likely died instantly. His best friend reportedly confessed to killing Joaquin shortly after the body was discovered. He remains in juvenile detention, but he is too young to be criminally charged.

The motive for the murder remains unclear and Joaquin’s family is baffled. “I don’t understand. It’s very hard to understand, I just don’t get it. I want to know why he did it, but I don’t have the answer,” said his father, Martin Sperani. Flores’ best guess so far is that the suspect “was in love” with his son, and that he may have had an accomplice.

“I have the feeling that there is more and that he was not the only one responsible, that there were more involved,” he said, according to La Nación. “I want to see the full footage, I want to know who he crossed paths with.” Joaquín’s body was buried at a funeral on Monday, but authorities exhumed it a day later to continue their investigation.Read More…….


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