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Rhea Hourigan, 19, spent a “brilliant day” enjoying the sights of Paris with her aunt on April 29, but while taking a shower later that night, she collapsed and tragically passed away after a mysterious cardiac arrest. Nando’s worker collapsed in the shower and died on vacation, moments after saying she was fine. Durham University freshman Rhea Hourigan, 19, was visiting her aunt in Paris for a few days in late April when she passed away after a mysterious cardiac arrest.

The Business, Management and Marketing student had spent the day cycling through the French capital while she was on Easter vacation with her aunt to see the sights.

Later that night, as she was getting ready for bed, the teenager, who works at Nando’s branch in Shirley, West Midlands, collapsed in the shower. Polly Townhill, best friends with Rhea’s mother and speaking exclusively to the Mirror, said: “She had had a shower and was getting ready for bed.


Rhea Hourigan Age

The age of Rhea Hourigan was just 19.

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Rhea Hourigan cause of death

“She had been there for quite some time, so her aunt knocked on the door to say ‘Is everything okay, are you going out?’ She answered him, Rhea said, ‘Yeah, yeah, I’m coming out.’ Then she heard a thump…” Despite the best efforts of the paramedics who rushed to the scene, they were unable to save her and her time of death was recorded as 12:45 am.

In another devastating blow to the family, they have not been able to see her daughter due to an autopsy due next week. Polly said: “I had full travel insurance, but she hasn’t covered what they need. There’s so much paperwork there and they have to treat her death as extenuating circumstances.”


“It would still be a tragedy without this, but her parents can’t see her daughter until the autopsy is done. They are desperate to get her home.” “Jo [mother] just faced one brick wall after another.” Writing on Facebook, Ella Jo’s devastated mother said: “She had so many plans, dreams and aspirations that she was our shining star.”

She hadn’t even finished her first year of college which she absolutely loved in Durham and had made so many great friends. “Our only consolation is that she was so happy and she had such a brilliant day seeing the sights of Paris that she would not have known what had happened and she did not suffer.” Despite the challenges, Jo says, the French police, hospital and funeral homes have been a great help. Polly says that she and Jo were pregnant and have been friends for 30 years.

Speaking through tears, she says there are no words to explain how devastated Polly’s daughter, Rhea’s best friend, is. We are all girlfriends, all moms, and we all have children of the same age. One of our friend’s daughters is the general manager of Nandos and all the girls work there. A lot of people in such a small community are beyond devastated,” she says.


Family friend Dawn Buchanan has created a GoFundMe to help support the family and financial pressures. She wrote: “Her friends and family of hers wanted to reach out and help as much as they could to ease some of the financial burden with the costs they will incur during this devastating time and the weeks and months ahead.”Read More……….

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