Texas school first graders allegedly force girl 6 to perform sex act

TEXAS: A 6-year-old first grader at Plainview South Elementary School was allegedly pressured to perform a sexual act with her classmate in the presence of a teacher in the classroom. The disturbing incident sparked widespread outrage, prompting parents to protest outside the Plainview Independent School District (ISD) administrative office on Monday, May 1. the 6 year old victim.

The girl reportedly discussed the situation with her family after the call, Fox News reported. Protesters demanded answers from authorities and the crowd swelled to 30 throughout the day, the Plainview Herald reported. “A 6-year-old boy was exposed to things that even adults would have a hard time getting over,” a parent of another protesting student told the publication. “This is trauma at its worst, and it is a trickle-down effect because it affects everyone around them,” they added. Texas school first graders allegedly force girl 6 to perform sex act in the presence of teacher

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Heather Gonzales, the victim’s 6-year-old cousin, told KCBD that the victim’s family noticed a sudden change in her behavior following the incident. She said the boy also showed signs of distress and complained of stomach pain. The girl eventually revealed that a boy exposed himself to her in the school lunch line before pushing her under a desk and pressured her into performing a sexual act. Meanwhile, another student recorded the incident with a district-provided iPad.


Gonzales also revealed that the video showed her cousin doing everything she could to defend herself against her. “She said that she was hitting him with the poetry book,” Gonzales said. The girl reportedly said she didn’t stop “until they let me go.” Gonzales alleged that the school district has not provided adequate responses related to the incident. “It was all ‘no comment, I can’t tell you, no comment,'” she said.

“So you want to tell me that the abuse has been going on for a week and a half and these kids are still at the same desk? My cousin is still at a desk with all the kids and she has to see her molesters every day? Gonzalez asked. The students have reportedly been moved to separate classrooms at present.

Several parents spoke to the Plainview Herald during the protest outside the school district’s administrative office. They claimed that there have been several disturbing incidents involving students at the school. “There have been multiple moms talking about things that have been going on all year and nothing has been done about it,” a parent told the outlet. “She has peaked and that is why we are here today, to get answers,” they added.


“My daughter comes home with bruises and rashes if she doesn’t participate in the sick games of these young children,” another parent complained at the protest. “She will be beaten, given Indian burns, insulted and insulted,” they shared. “You can’t have your kids in a classroom like that,” said one parent.

“You are concerned about the education they are receiving and what they are exposed to,” they continued. “A lot of parents have parental controls on what their kids can look at and see at this age, and we do all of that just so they can go to school and be exposed to things they should never have seen,” the father said. more added.

The incident at Plainview South Elementary School also sparked a huge backlash on social media. “This is disturbing on many levels. Children imitate what they see on television, social media platforms, in their video games, and the attitudes of those around them. Parents can’t blame the school for the attitudes they likely acquired in the 7 or so hours of the day and weekends they aren’t at school,” one user tweeted. “They should be registered as child molesters. And don’t turn me around that they’re just kids! If they are old enough to have sex food surgery then they are adult enough to face the consequences,” another added.


“Some teachers and administrators at that school need to be fired. Some kids at that school need to be removed. Parents should not stop until changes are made,” wrote a third user. “Where was the adult supervision?” asked another. One said: “The parents and teacher should be arrested and the students involved should be taken by CPS and placed in therapy,” while another added: “This is sick! And they wonder why parents and others want certain books banned!”

This is disturbing on many levels. Children imitate what they see on television, social media platforms, in their video games, and the attitudes of those around them.Read More……

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