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An Ohio man accused of setting his ‘stepmother’ on fire has told police he ‘doesn’t know what happened’ after officers discovered the badly burned woman with her ‘teeth knocked out’ in her backyard. Robbi Davon Robinson Jr. was arrested by Fairfield Township Police in connection with the horrific act of arson and has released body cam footage revealing the moments after the attack.

A woman, identified as Brenda Scott, who is dating Robinson Jr.’s father, can be heard gasping as she tells police as she approached her that she couldn’t breathe and that her teeth were knocked out. ‘I can’t breathe! My inhaler is in the house… I can’t breathe, she pulled my teeth out,’ she can be heard explaining frantically in the edited footage.

A short time later, Robinson Jr can be seen approaching the police as he seems surprised by the unfolding incident. I don’t know what happened,” Robinson is heard saying in the video. He just shot himself. Scott reportedly jumped from the second floor of her home and was found ‘badly burned’ when emergency services arrived on the scene.


Robbi Davon Robinson Jr Age

The age of Robbi Davon Robinson Jr is 23 years.

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Robbi Davon Robinson Jr accused of burning Brenda Scott

What led to Scott’s dramatic escape remains unclear. Robinson Jr was taken into custody and a judge set his bail at $200,000. Robinson continued to disbelieve him when the police explained what had happened to Scott. “Your stepmom jumped out the back,” an officer said in the footage. ‘Oh, she did?’ he can be heard responding.

Neighbor Dennis Williams told WKRC that his dogs alerted him to the commotion and he ran outside to find Scott distraught and covered in burns, before calling 911. “Gasoline water, she threw it at him,” Williams told dispatchers on the call, the outlet reported. Officers were also seen trying to reassure Scott, one officer turned to the distraught woman and asked her to stay awake while ambulances drove to the scene.


The officer proceeds to handcuff Robinson saying ‘Until he finds out what’s going on.’ Emergency services rushed to the scene following reports that a woman had been set on fire in the backyard of the house at around 10:30am on Thursday. Scott was lying on the grass and pleading for help. “I said, ‘What happened, what happened?'” Williams explained. ‘And she said, ‘she set me on fire.’

She had terrible, terrible burns, I mean I’m not an expert, but at least half of his body, I mean terrible burns. She still wasn’t on fire at the time, but there was some flame next to her that she was dying. “It was pretty traumatic to see everything that happened, but again, I’m glad I was in a position to help. Scott was airlifted to UC Medical Center in critical condition and underwent surgery.

Robinson, who referred to his father’s girlfriend as his stepmother, was booked into the Butler County Jail. He faces charges of first degree aggravated arson and second degree felony assault and is due in court on May 17. Fairfield Township Police Sgt. Brandon McCroskey said the whole case was chilling. ‘He’s the one that brings the hairs down the back of your neck, I don’t care how long you’ve been doing it.’Read More……


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