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A 54-year-old convicted murderer will spend the rest of his life behind bars after being sentenced to 85 years in prison for beating a 93-year-old woman to death in his home. Prosecutors in Stamford, Connecticut, said the defendant, Robert Simmons, had done drainage work for the victim, Isabella Mehner, but left the house and returned later to carry out the “deplorable” act.

At trial, the deceased’s daughter testified as to how she found her mother at the bottom of the basement stairs on the night of September 25, 2019,” prosecutors wrote. The family checked on Mehner after she didn’t answer her phone. Her daughter, Ellen Blanchard, said in a victim impact statement Monday: “Finding her that night at the bottom of the basement stairs has been almost impossible for me to get over,” according to News 12.

Robert Simmons Age

The age of Robert Simmons is 54 years.


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Robert Simmons accused of killing an elderly woman

Police initially believed that Mehner died when she fell. Subsequent investigations revealed the truth. “After an autopsy the following day, the death was ruled a homicide by the medical examiner,” prosecutors wrote. Simmons had beaten her to death.

According to prosecutors, Simmons’ DNA was under her fingernails and her DNA was on her pants. She was going to turn 94 the following month. “You are a coward for taking advantage of a defenseless 93-year-old woman,” Isabella’s daughter-in-law, Kathy Mehner, told Simmons on Monday. “I only wish that your punishment is the same as the one you gave Isabella: six blows to the head and two broken fingers.”

Evidence established that Simmons entered the Mehner home at around 5:39 p.m. that September 25 and left approximately eight minutes later. She was wearing the same clothing in downtown Stamford less than 48 hours later, prosecutors said. Jurors convicted him on February 17, 2023 of murder, felony homicide, burglary, and robbery.


The family described Mehner as “active and independent,” and she lived alone in the home, News 12 reported. Her neighbors often described her working in her garden.

“Mr. Simmons’ premeditated acts of extreme violence against a defenseless 93-year-old woman warranted the court imposing consecutive maximum jail sentences for the murder and burglary convictions,” said Paul J. Ferencek, Stamford State’s Attorney /Norwalk “Although the 85-year sentence is in many ways symbolic given the defendant’s age, it is to be hoped that the victim’s family will find closure in knowing that he will in all likelihood spend the rest of his life incarcerated.”Read More……

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