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A Wisconsin man accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend has been found guilty of her murder. After 10 hours of deliberation, a jury in a Kenosha County courthouse convicted Zachariah Anderson of intentional murder, concealing a body, stalking her ex Sadie Beacham and her boyfriend Rosalio Gutierrez Jr ., according to Law and Crime.

Gutierrez’s body has yet to be found since he disappeared in May 2020, which Anderson’s lawyers said during the trial was proof there was no strong case. However, Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley alleged that Anderson was a jealous ex-boyfriend who was angry that Beacham broke up with him.

Rosalio Gutierrez Jr Age

The age of Rosalio Gutierrez Jr was not known.


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Who killed Rosalio Gutierrez Jr ?

Anderson was in a relationship with her and Beacham’s children, but when it came to the exes’ romantic relationship, Graveley said she was “ready to move on,” according to the outlet. Anderson, who remained stoic and emotionless throughout the proceedings, will be sentenced on May 16, according to Law and Crime. Anderson’s attorney, Nicole A. Muller, declined to comment to PEOPLE Wednesday night, citing a pending appeal.

“Having the support of friends, family, people I don’t know, helped give us strength,” Beacham said, according to Fox 6 in Milwaukee. “I am forever grateful. My husband, my family and I, Rosalio, finally have justice,” added the victim’s mother, Selia Patterson. Beacham broke up with Anderson in February 2020 before beginning to communicate with Gutierrez on social media, Fox 6 reported.

During the trial, prosecutors presented DNA evidence and evidence that Anderson had been following Gutierrez and going to her apartment before she disappeared. She later lied to police about it when they questioned him, according to the news station. Anderson is accused of planting a burner phone in Beacham’s car to see where she was going and using a GPS tracker and recording device to stalk her and the victim, according to CourtTV.


The outlet reported that Gutiérrez was officially reported missing on May 19, 2020, after police did a wellness check at his apartment. There they found “large amounts of blood” at his home and Beacham told police Anderson had been harassing them.

The day Gutierrez disappeared, authorities found a burn pit at Anderson’s home along with torn clothing and a bottle of burnt bleach. Anderson’s Dodge minivan had Gutierrez’s blood on it, along with a patch of carpet that smelled of bleach. Another burn pit was discovered at a tree farm owned by Anderson’s family, as well as additional clothing, according to CourtTV.

“What are the chances that in this exact square foot on planet Earth, a man who is innocent and falsely accused has the blood of a man who died on May 17? How could that happen?” Graveley challenged during closing arguments, according to Fox 6.Read more…..


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