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Ryan Grant, 40, is a former NFL running back from Rockland County, who played for Notre Dame and signed with the Giants but never played for them due to an injury sustained in the offseason. He played for the Packers for six seasons from 2007 to 2012 and was a member of the 2011 Super Bowl Champions.

He was part owner of AP Cafe, a former coffee shop in Bushwick. Grant has also participated in Packer alumni events, including the Packers’ 14th Annual Tailgate Tour in 2019, when he visited soldiers at Fort McCoy.

Ryan Grant Age

The age of Ryan Grant is 40 years.


Ryan Grant, Secure bail for NYPD cop Nelson Pizarro

Former Green Bay Packers running back Ryan Grant helped obtain bail for an ex-con accused of shooting an NYPD officer during a drug investigation in Staten Island, according to people who spoke to The New York Post. . According to sources, Grant provided $500,000 in cash needed to obtain $5 million bail to release Nelson Pizarro for shooting Detective Dominick Libretti.

The action outraged the police. According to Paul DiGiacomo, president of the Detective Manning Association, “The fact that a guy who shot an NYPD detective is walking the streets of our city is a slap in the face to all dedicated members of the Police Forces.” law enforcement.” He added that the bail for a drug dealer, who tried to kill a police officer, was paid by former NFL star Ryan Grant, which is even more scandalous.

According to the New York Post, DiGiacomo also stated, “It begs the question, would Mr. Grant release this criminal if his family member was the victim or only when he is a detective hero protecting the public?” “A convicted drug dealer with an extensive criminal record who intentionally shot a police officer has just been released on bail,” stated a veteran police officer, adding: “What else do you need to know about the justice system? today? There is simply no consideration for the safety of the public.” It wasn’t immediately obvious how Grant and Pizarro were connected.


In January 2022, Pizarro, 40, who had previously been arrested seven times in New York, was accused of shooting Detective Dominick Libretti in the leg during a cocaine sting at his New Springville residence.

Pizarro, who was not the target of the operation, is accused of opening fire on the officers from a bedroom while he was brandishing a 9mm Beretta pistol. Libretti was praised for using a ballistic shield to protect his crew and himself from attack.

After the incident, Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell stated: “Even with a severe leg injury, which was bleeding so much that his teammates had to apply immediate pressure to stem the loss of blood, he held a ballistic shield in front of his team to protect them. of the shots.” .”


The detective’s injury was described as “possibly a career-ending injury for him and certainly a life-threatening injury” by NYPD supervising chief surgeon Eli Kleinman. “There is no such thing as a simple gunshot wound,” he said.

Pizarro was wounded in the leg by police officers who returned fire. He was charged with various things, including attempted murder. Judge Lisa Gray refused to release Pizarro on bail. However, her lawyer Lance Lazzaro filed an appeal. The Appellate Division set bail at $5 million cash and $2.5 million cash in April. Grant may not have been one of the friends and family who contributed the 10% financial outlay to secure the bond, according to Lazzaro’s statement on Saturday, December 10, 2022.

He stated that Pizarro is currently under house arrest. Michael McMahon, the Staten Island district attorney, stated that “unfortunately, the Appellate Division erred and made a decision that I disagree with.”


“Pizarro’s release is an obvious example of the absurdity of Albany’s ‘protect the rights of criminal suspects and screw over the victims’ approach. It’s another slap in the face for all of our detectives, all of the NYPD, and in particular , the brave officers that this defendant almost killed”. while executing a search warrant in our ongoing fight against drug dealers on Staten Island,” reports the New York Post.

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