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One of the highest-profile cold cases in Quebec history was resolved Tuesday when Canadian authorities identified a West Virginia man who they say raped and killed a 16-year-old girl nearly 50 years ago. With the help of DNA evidence, police in Longueuil, Quebec, have identified Franklin Maywood Romine as the 1975 killer of teenager Sharron Prior in suburban Montreal.

Prior was killed after meeting friends for pizza near her home, and her body was found three days later in a wooded area. Romine’s body, who was 36 when she died mysteriously in 1982, was exhumed from a West Virginia cemetery in early May for DNA testing.

Sharron Prior Age

The age of Sharron Prior was 16 years that time


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Incident detail

Longueuil authorities said Romine’s DNA matched a sample found at the crime scene, confirming her link to the crime. It also matched a witness’s description of the suspect. West Virginia local prosecutor Mark Sorsaia told WCHS earlier this month that the teen’s rape and murder is “the most evil element of the human race.”

It is a combination of the most evil element of the human race, contacting the most innocent element of the human race: a child,” he said. “Some things are worse than death: losing a child like that, to a family, to a mother. Knowing that your son died that way.” The police analyzed more than 100 suspects in the last 50 years. The victim’s mother, Yvonne Prior, 80, still lives in Canada.

She has spent her life searching for the murderer of her murdered daughter.


Romine landed on the Longueuil police radar last year when investigators reviewed a criminal record and found she had an extensive history of violence, WCHS reported. She tried to evade law enforcement by moving between Canada and West Virginia. He was arrested in the United States in 1974 for breaking into a Parkersburg, West Virginia home and raping a woman.

He was released on $2,500 bail two months later and fled to Canada, according to an earlier Associated Press report. Just months after Prior’s murder, Canadian border officials arrested Romine and sent him to West Virginia, where she served five to 10 years for the 1974 Parkersburg rape. He died in Canada shortly after his release from prison, although it is not clear how.Read More……

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