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Heartbreaking images from a Facebook live stream at the scene of a devastating fire in North Carolina showed two men trapped in hell and calling out for help before dying. Demonte Tyree Sherrill, 30, was one of two people who died Thursday in the massive fire in Charlotte.

Footage showed Sherrill desperately calling for help before being caught in the flames. I’m in South Park right now at work. The building is on fire and I can’t get out. It’s getting harder and harder for them to see us,” Sherrill said calmly on camera.

The building is on fire and I am trapped inside. Me and my man,’ he said, as he showed himself and his colleague. Crews were able to rescue 15 workers from the massive fire that broke out in an apartment complex under construction. One of those rescued was trapped by smoke in a high-rise crane. Sherrill seemed incredibly calm in the footage until he called for help.


‘AID! AID! AID!’ he desperately screamed. ‘I! This building is on fire. I’m at work. We’re in South Park,’ he echoed once more before the video cut out suddenly.

Sherrill could be heard screaming for help with members of his own family watching his final harrowing moments on the Facebook Live stream as the entire floor of the building filled with smoke. “I had hope, but just because of (Facebook Live), and the way the room filled with smoke, I didn’t see that there was any hope at that point,” his mother, Onita, told WSOC. She said she felt numb and in shock after the ordeal.

Demonte Tyree Sherrill Age

The age of Demonte Tyree Sherrill was 30 years.


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How Demonte Tyree Sherrill died?

He was a good man. A loving father. A loving person and just wanted to be with his children, his family,” she added. Sherrill’s father also saw the plight of his son. “I went to the scene and all the smoke… I mean, I couldn’t look,” Terry Campbell told Channel 9. “Then I contacted his boss and that’s when his boss let me know it was him,” Campbell said.

“We need time to grieve… We need some time to come to terms with all of this,” Chrystina Stovall, Sherrill’s fiancée, told the Charlotte Observer. “I was on the phone with him when he was in that building, and it was on fire and he was screaming for help.” Firefighters tried to reach the two men and listened to their pleas, but had to abandon their own rescue attempt. “They were searching in an area obviously with limited visibility,” Charlotte Fire Department Chief Reginald Johnson said, according to WCNC.

The incident occurred at a multi-story building that was under construction after a spray foam insulating trailer on the ground floor suddenly caught fire according to Charlotte Fire’s subsequent investigation. Sherrill was only on her third day of work on the site as she installed windows in the newly built apartment block.


More than 100 workers escaped the flames when the building collapsed. Reuben Holmes of Alabama was the other worker who died in the fire that broke out on the fourth floor of the building, which was still under construction.

The flames spread rapidly due to the amount of exposed wood at the site. At one point, a crane operator who was trapped in his cab saw the two workers trapped on a balcony and tried to save them by throwing a basket at them, but the fire was too intense for him to reach them.

“We got the crane there in the basket and tried to get them into the basket so we could get them down, but that’s when the smoke started to get dark and we couldn’t see them,” Alexa Escobar told WSOC.


The crane operator was later saved after spending nearly an hour in the flames. By then, the other two men were dead. Johnson explained during a news conference that firefighters on the scene were hampered by limited visibility as they tried to find the workers.

“The men and women of the Charlotte Fire Department send our deepest condolences to the family, friends and loved ones of Mr. Sherill and Mr. Holmes,” the Charlotte Fire Department said in a statement Tuesday. Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles expressed her condolences to Sherrill’s family, describing him as a dedicated worker, loving father and family-oriented man. Sherrill’s children are 13, 12, 10 and 5 years old.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help raise money for the father of four, who has raised $10,000.Read More……


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