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A 25-year-old man in Florida has been sentenced to life in prison after he brutally attacked a sleeping woman he barely knew. Storm Royal Thayer stabbed the woman more than 150 times. Victim Alisha Gomez, 31, begged and pleaded for her life before dying in her father’s living room. Circuit Court Judge Kelvin Wells ordered Thayer Tuesday to serve the maximum sentence of life in prison.

According to authorities, Alisha Gomez was murdered in the summer of 2021. Thayer had previously pleaded not guilty to a second-degree murder charge in connection with her death, according to Law and Crime. Gomez, according to court documents, had moved to Florida with her friend to find work in the service industry. It was during the height of the pandemic, they wanted to improve their lives with stable jobs.

According to the report, through her work, Gomez met Royal Thayer’s father, Robert Thayer, and eventually moved into a mother-in-law suite on the property. Royal Thayer resided in the main house. In July 2021, Storm Royal attacked her as she was entering a main house after she broke her air conditioner and fell asleep on the couch.


Storm Royal Thayer Age

The age of Storm Royal Thayer is 25 years.

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Incident Detail

Thayer stabbed Gomez more than 150 times, according to the prosecutor’s memo. According to authorities, Thayer covered up the murder by disabling the home’s security system, washing the clothes she was wearing, and removing a sharp object, possibly the murder weapon, from the home after the murder.

After that, according to the prosecution, the report mentions, she traveled by car to the Gulf of Mexico and Choctawhatchee Bay in the Florida Panhandle before returning to the scene of the crime. Prosecutors stated in a sentencing memorandum that she had five felony convictions and that her actions had become increasingly violent over time.


“Initially, the defendant was committing robberies, but he soon proceeded to hit the victim in the face with a shovel while he was on the beach,” prosecutors wrote. In 2019, prosecutors claimed that she was in prison on charges related to child abuse. In her victim impact statement, Tiffani Nielsen, Gomez’s sister stated that at the time of her death, her sister was dating Thayer’s father.

“I am asking how this could have happened, and by someone she barely knew, while the person she was dating was sleeping in the same house,” she wrote Nielsen. “I think about how the cameras caught ‘cutting sounds’ and how terrified my sister must have been to be stabbed over 150 times until her neck was ‘pulpified.'”Read More….

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