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A startling incident unfolded in Michigan, when shocking footage captured police officers handcuffing and detaining a 12-year-old black boy, Tashawn Bernard. The boy was mistaken for a suspect in a series of carjackings and was taken into custody after being confronted by a gun-wielding police officer taking trash out of his home. The incident, caught on video, portrays the harrowing scene when several officers and vehicles converged on the site. The boy’s father, Michael, expressed his dismay at the ordeal, prompting a heated exchange with the officers involved.

The arrest was prompted by an alleged resemblance between Bernard and the suspect’s description, which authorities said matched his outfit of neon green shorts and a white shirt. However, lawyers for Bernard’s family disputed this claim, stating that the boy was wearing a gray shirt at the time. The video drew widespread attention, prompting the police department and the mayor to issue statements of regret and explanation, as the incident received a strong backlash.

Tashawn Bernard Age

The age of Tashawn Bernard is 12 year


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Who is Tashawn Bernard

Lawyers for Bernard’s family, Rico and Ayanna Neal, revealed that the 12-year-old boy has been deeply affected by the incident as he “doesn’t want to go out…even to get the mail” due to the “traumatizing” experience. “. The video racked up more than 3.5 million views on TikTok. The video showed Bernard taking out the trash as he was handcuffed shortly after. As the boy lowers his head and talks to the officer, his father can be seen running out and exclaiming, “I’m his dad.”

During a virtual press conference on Friday, August 11, Michael said that he felt something was wrong when his daughter took longer than usual to complete the task. When Michael arrived on the scene, he found policemen surrounding his son. Witnessing his son being led through the parking lot in handcuffs, Michael reacted by covering his face with his hands as the officers appeared to explain the arrest.

While parts of the video lack audio clarity due to the distance of filming, Michael’s voice can be heard getting louder as he listens to the officers justifying the arrest. “You always use that excuse, man,” Michael was heard saying, adding, “Nevermind, once you’re black, you fit any description, in short.” As Michael continued to argue with the police officer, Bernard was pulled away from his father and taken to a police vehicle while he was still restrained.


Just then, additional officers, possibly summoned during the earlier chase, arrive at the scene, and several police vans join the assembly in the parking lot. Observing that a bystander was recording the arrest, Michael walks towards them with his hands outstretched. , expressing his dissatisfaction with the unfolding incident, deeming it “b******t”. “My son is being traumatized,” Michael said, a sentiment echoed by the person behind the camera, who said the arrest was “a bad thing.”

Another voice from behind the camera chimes in and comments on the significant police presence for a child. Meanwhile, Bernard is finally freed from the car and four officers surrounding him remove his handcuffs. After speaking with the officers for about a minute, Bernard hurries back to his father on the sidewalk. As the officers slowly approach, someone comments “now they are about to tell lies”.

Overcome with emotion, the boy stands next to his father in tears as Michael gestures for the officers to come over so he can voice his grievances. The Bernard family is exploring legal avenues, including the possibility of a lawsuit, in response to the incident. . The Lansing Police Department faced backlash for its initial statements describing the arrest as a “wrong place, wrong time” situation. Authorities released follow-up statements, attempting to explain the situation and highlighting the “unfortunate misunderstanding” that led to Bernard’s wrongful arrest.Read More……


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