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The body of Travis Valenti, 37, was recovered Wednesday night from a lake in a Washington state national park. The National Park Service said Valenti was pulled from Lake Crescent in Olympic National Park at about 6:25 p.m. Pt. The agency said the nonprofit Christian Aid Ministries had begun searching the lake around 8 a.m., using boat-mounted sonar technology.

The Berlin, Ohio group acquired a high-possibility find of Valenti’s body, so the park was notified and rangers were dispatched to meet the group at the lake. A remotely operated vehicle was used to locate the Massapequa man, who was found at a depth of 394 feet. Christian Aid Ministries used the vehicle’s grab tool to pull the body to the surface.

Travis Valenti Age’

The age of Travis Valenti was 37 year.


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Travis Valenti found dead

The coroner’s office was notified, as well as the victim’s family. On June 9, Valenti and his fiancée Marlene Junker, a nurse, were kayaking when their kayak began to fill with water. He was forced to abandon the kayak and enter the water. While his fiancée was trying to rescue him, her kayak capsized and she went into the water.

While she was able to swim to shore, Valenti was not. None of them were wearing a life jacket, according to authorities. “Travis gave [Marlene] the little extra push that he needed to be safe, and he still hasn’t been found since 2 or 3 p.m. Friday,” Austin Valenti told News 12 Long Island previously.

Valenti, whose Facebook showed that he was a fan of the Miami Dolphins and a lover of dachshunds, had proposed to her just two days earlier, his brother said. Nearby Log Cabin Resort personnel who responded were unable to find Valenti, and searchers were also unable to locate him during a second effort.


The National Park Service notes that Lake Crescent is very deep and very cold, with surface water temperatures nearing 50 degrees at this time of year. “Sudden immersion in cold water will affect a person’s breathing and, over time, his ability to move his limbs,” he warned. Swimmers are encouraged to use a buddy system and boaters should always wear a life jacket, the agency added.

Valenti’s family posted statements of thanks for the prayers they have received and the successful efforts of Christian Aid Ministries. “We are grateful that our prayers have been answered, and we will soon have him back in New York,” cousin Valerie Trumpeter posted on Facebook.

Diana Rose, who is in a relationship with Valenti’s brother, posted a GoFundMe to help fund search and recovery efforts to thank those who sent kind words, donated and worked to find Valenti. The page had raised more than $62,000.Read More……


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