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Coatesville, Pennsylvania, resident Uley Hines, 83, has been accused of fatally shooting his roommate following an alleged dispute over a dog, according to the New York Post. Chester County District Attorney Deb Ryan’s office said Hines was arrested and charged with first and third degree murder, possession of a weapon and possession of an instrumental offense.

The incident unfolded when the Coatesville Police Department responded to reports of a shooting that apparently took place at a residence on Graham Avenue in Coatesville around 8:40 a.m. on Saturday, August 19. Upon arrival, officers discovered the victim, later identified as 61-year-old Keith Boggs, unconscious on the front steps with a gunshot wound to the upper left chest. Inside the residence, a female minor occupant was heard screaming as emergency personnel arrived and officers also noticed a bloody shoe print along with drops of blood a short distance from the front door.

Uley Hines Age

The age of Uley Hines is 83 year.


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Uley Hines accused of killing roommate

Boggs was transported to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. According to the 911 caller, two shots were heard before seeing the victim’s feet on the ground. Video footage reviewed by investigators also showed Hines and Boggs together at the residence just before the alleged shooting occurred.

A witness who spoke to investigators earlier that day at the Coatesville police station testified that Hines lived in the house with Boggs, along with another roommate and his son. They also recounted overhearing an argument between Boggs and Hines about a dog.According to them, Boggs was taking the dog upstairs when two shots were heard, followed by Hines saying, “I told you to stop fucking with me.” The witness reported hearing Boggs fall to the ground afterwards.

Boggs’ autopsy revealed that he had suffered three gunshot wounds, one shot to the left and right side of the chest, along with another to the right arm. District Attorney Deb Ryan: “This was a senseless crime that has left a community grieving,” according to the New York Post. He added: “Gun violence continues to be a devastating epidemic across the country and we send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Boggs. Our office will do everything in our power to hold the defendant accountable for this loss.”Read More…….


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