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Mississippi Police Officer Greg Capers has been placed on administrative leave after he shot and wounded 11-year-old Aderrien Murry in Indianola last Saturday, authorities say. The shooting of an unarmed child in his home after calling 911 to report a domestic disturbance has prompted calls from the family and the broader community for Mr. Capers to be fired and for the Department of Justice to pursue a thorough investigation by the Indianola Police Department.

Aderrien’s mother, Nakala Murry, said at a news conference that she had asked her son to call 911 after her ex-partner showed up “angry” at the family home on BB King Road. around 4 a.m. of May 20. Ms Murry said two officers arrived around 6 a.m. and they ordered all who were inside to come out.

Aderrien was following her mother out of the house when a police officer shot him in the chest in the living room. The police department later confirmed to CNN that Capers had discharged the weapon from him. Aderrien was airlifted to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, including a collapsed lung, fractured ribs and a lacerated liver. Aderrien has since been released from the hospital.


The family’s lawyer, Carlos Moore, told The Independent that the city was obstructing his requests to release body camera footage and had not offered an apology or explanation.

Greg Capers Age

The age of Greg Capers is not declared.

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Who is Greg Capers?

Greg Capers is a Sergeant with the Indianola Police Department. According to a social media account, Mr. Capers is from West Monroe, Louisiana, where he previously worked as a police officer, and lives in Indianola. In 2016, he married LaShundra Fletcher-Capers. He has several children.


Mr. Capers regularly posts on social media about his family, his religious faith and has shared several photos showing his skills as a police shooter. “The new No Trespassing sign!” he wrote in 2021 next to a bullet-riddled shooting target. A phone number listed under Mr Capers was not answered on Friday. He did not respond to several messages.

On Caper’s Facebook page, his brother Linton Capers said in a comment that the police officer was “hurt.” “I don’t know what happened and my heart goes out to this baby. But I know that we were raised to do the right things in life. I am sure my brother is hurt and beyond sorry for what he did, ”wrote the brother.

In May 2021, he was named Police Force Cop of the Year, according to an article in Indianola’s local newspaper Enterprise-Tocsin.
“They shot first and then asked questions” The Police of the Year award has been seized upon by Aderrien’s family and representatives as a sign of institutional problems within the department.


At a news conference on Monday, Ms Murry held up a sign reading “Your ‘best’ cop shot my baby” as she described trying to stop the flow of blood from her son’s wounds. On Thursday, Murry and Moore joined a small group of protesters outside the city hall buildings calling for Capers’ firing. Capers was placed on administrative leave at a meeting of the city’s Board of Aldermen on Tuesday.

Moore told The Independent that he was pressing police and city officials for answers. “We’re asking ‘what did you see and why did you shoot’?” Moore said in an interview on Friday. “I think they shot first and then asked questions. He doesn’t appear to be a man or anything, he’s a 4’10” little boy.

“There’s no way a trained officer could have feared for his life when an 11-year-old boy walks up without a gun in his hands.” Mayor Ken Featherstone has not responded to multiple requests for comment from The Independent. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation has launched an investigation into the shooting to determine if criminal charges are warranted.Read More……


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