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The Florida woman accused of murdering her husband in 2015, burying his body under a backyard campfire, and impersonating him on Facebook Messenger to mislead friends and family, all while maintaining multiple new relationships, didn’t really pulled the trigger, according to a new defense reconsideration appeal. The person who fired the first shot was a teenage girl who would have been approximately 7 years old at the time of the murder, the movement indicated by the provided date of birth.

Laurie Leigh Shaver, now 40, has faced charges of second-degree murder and complicity in the 2015 disappearance and death of 36-year-old Michael Shaver since his arrest in September 2020. The investigation was lengthy but did not take very long. away to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

“Michael Shaver was last seen in November 2015,” the Lake County Sheriff’s Office said. “On March 9, 2018, LCSO detectives recovered Michael’s body buried under a concrete slab/bonfire on the 5-acre property he shared with his wife, Laurie Shaver, on Sandy Pines Road, Clermont. ”.


Laurie Shaver Age

The age of Laurie Shaver is 40 years.

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Laurie Shaver accused of shooting her husband

But Jeffrey W. Wiggs, Laurie Shaver’s defense attorney, claimed in a reconsideration bombshell on Monday, May 8, that a minor girl had “confessed” (although not formally) “to committing the respective murder in this matter.” and he expressed his desire to testify in that regard through his court-appointed attorney, Kelly Johnson.

“[T]he youngest child of hers met with Kelly Johnson on multiple occasions and represented her desire to testify in this case,” the motion reads. “At all times the minor has been informed of the rights that she would be exercising and of the possible sanctions that she would be facing. However, the child has persisted in seeking to testify.


The defense brief, stating that “[t]hese facts were mentioned by the lawyer representing the minor,” therefore asked the judge to order a psychological or sociological evaluation of the minor to prepare the testimony on the case. They claimed that the girl “had acted as a consequence of past and repeated violence within the residence by Michael Shaver.” The defense also claimed that a man Laurie Shaver was dating fired a second shot at the victim.

The docket indicated a hearing was scheduled for Monday, possibly to address the motion for a state-funded evaluation of the child, but WKMG said no hearing was held. Law & Crime spoke briefly with Wiggs and confirmed that there was no hearing and he was not sure when the next one would be. He urged the prosecution in the Fifth Judicial Circuit to take seriously the motion filed by the defense.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Laurie Shaver worked from home and was the only adult living on the five-acre property on Sandy Pines Road in Clermont, owned by Michael Shaver, at the time the victim was shot and killed. , which is believed to have occurred between November 7, 2015 and November 10, 2015, the latter of which was the first day he failed to report to work.


The documents say that Scott, one of Michael Shaver’s friends, applied for a welfare check on February 16, 2018, more than two years later, believing that the “totality of the circumstances” indicated that Laurie Shaver was not telling the truth. truth about the situation of the victim. unexplained disappearance. What followed in the law enforcement affidavit was a recitation of the various things Scott found suspicious:

When pressed by property investigators, Laurie Shaver allegedly claimed that Michael went to Georgia “following his arrest for domestic violence in September 2014 and [that] the last time she saw him was during a DCF custody trial in 2015.” ”.

Investigators said it became clearer by the day that Michael Shaver was no longer living, as his driver’s license, passport and FAA pilot’s medical certificate all expired and no one who knew him had seen him alive since late 2015. Meanwhile , Laurie Shaver had allegedly told deputies to leave the property after they inquired about the fire/concrete slab that was recently built after Michael Shaver’s disappearance. DNA confirmed that the victim’s body was found in March 2018 below the fire pit in question, and that the victim was shot in the back of the head with a .38, authorities said.


“Laurie Shaver was known to keep a pink .38 caliber pistol on her nightstand,” the affidavit says, noting that she sold two more .38s and had access to a fourth at the time of Michael Shaver’s disappearance.

Laurie Shaver’s new boyfriend, Travis, whom she began dating between January and April 2016, allegedly told investigators that the defendant once said of Michael Shaver and a body on the property: “It’s not that he’s missing. , no longer walks this Earth. ” A sheet in which Michael Shaver was wrapped was purchased at Kohl’s, “a department store frequented by Laurie Shaver, as evidenced by her bank records,” authorities said.

A co-worker named Frank reported seeing Michael Shaver alive and with Laurie Shaver and their two children at a “tractor show” on November 7, 2015. Frank said it appeared Michael and Laurie Shaver were not “getting along” and that they left the tractor event, authorities said. Frank said a text message to Michael Shaver the next day went unanswered, but a text message two days later purportedly from the victim said he was leaving the job. to save his marriage to Laurie Shaver. Michael Shaver was “never seen again,” the documents say.


Friends, family and co-workers, including Frank and Michael Shaver’s boss John, believed that the text and Facebook messages they received from the victim’s phone and account had a “different” tone to him. “From November 7, 2015 until Michael’s body was discovered, Laurie Shaver continued to tell her friends and family that she saw and spoke to Michael Shaver and that he was harassing her,” the sheriff’s office said.

The common thread between these messages? Laurie Shaver allegedly posed as Michael Shaver and told those close to him never to come near him again, “a ruse that did not benefit her in any way other than prolonging the discovery of her murder.” according to the researchers. They were messages like: “Leave me alone, don’t bother me”; “Everybody has to leave me alone like they have done all my life”; “I no longer have a family.”

At the same time that Michael Shaver was supposed to be in Georgia, Laurie Shaver allegedly made a series of purchases with her husband’s debit card locally in Clermont, Florida, and even obtained a loan with Mariner Finance. Mariner Finance was never able to find Michael Shaver.


“The person who made the deposit and withdrawals would have to have the ability to intercept Michael Shaver’s mail from his secure community mailbox, have access to his social security number, his ATM card for two weeks, his PIN number, and knowing that Michael Shaver would not be present to notice the fraudulent deposit, multiple withdrawals, or packages sent to his residence,” the affidavit reads.“Jereme also described a tattoo Laurie got with his nickname, ‘Jay’ in a heart on her vagina, which made him think that Laurie took their relationship more seriously than he did, which he always considered purely sexual,” say the documents.

Defense attorney Wiggs told Law & Crime that he understood the facts that Jereme fired the second shot, killing Michael Shaver. Wiggs indicated that Laurie Shaver was a battered woman. Notably, the probable cause affidavit made no mention of a second shot and Townsend has not been charged with wrongdoing.

The beginnings of Laurie Shaver’s relationship with Travis coincided with the end of her relationship with Jereme, according to court documents. Then, in late 2016, on New Year’s Eve, Laurie Shaver had her “wedding night” with Travis. According to her sister-in-law, the defendant had an episode in which she “locked herself in her room, then pulled out a gun and had to be dissuaded by a family member.“Read More……


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