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‘Too Hot To Handle’, Netflix’s intense dating series, has finally returned to the screens for season 4 of its social experiment on celibacy. In just five episodes, Sebastian ‘Seb’ Melrose quickly lost the trust of his fellow competitors after being caught repeatedly disobeying the rules set forth by the purple cone of light, Lana. Why did Lana penalise Kayla Richart and Sebastian ‘Seb’ Melrose?

‘Too Hot To Handle’ and his virtual assistant, Lana, returned to the screens to put 10 singletons to the test. The participants, however, had no idea that they were on the famous dating show; instead, they thought they were on a new show called ‘Wild Love’. When the truth was finally revealed, fans of the show were dismayed to hear that the celibacy restriction was still in place. Desperate bachelors were not allowed to kiss, and no intense fondling, sexual intercourse, or solo self-gratification of any kind was permitted during their stay in the villa.

When the boys first saw Los Angeles resident Kayla in the opulent Caribbean villa, virtually all of them chose to pursue her in hopes of gaining her attention and devotion. But she made it clear that she was leaving her options open, even if New Jersey native Nigel Jones was her first choice because of her body, personality and overall self-confidence. The only thing that kept the 22-year-old from falling head over heels for him was the fear that he was Casanova, only to be proven right after his first date when he continued to flatter others.


Why did Lana penalise Kayla Richart and Sebastian ‘Seb’ Melrose?

Consequently, Kayla agreed to share a bed with the British Salvadoran Seb, for whom she already had a special place because he was very funny and also quite shy. The 24-year-old racing driver, in turn, took advantage of the situation to make her feel comfortable, so her relationship improved: neither wanted to leave the door open for the others. To be honest, despite his fantastic talks and witty humor from him, they fought the village restrictions at every turn, costing everyone thousands of dollars.

As a result, Kayla and Seb underwent the ultimate control test to prove their love: a romantic night alone in the private room, complete with rose petals, a bathtub for two, and alcohol. The two really behaved this time, indicating they were in it for a long time, only to be met with another curveball bomb in the form of Flavia Laos Urbina, a recent arrival from Peru. She invited Seb out on her first date, oblivious to her relationship with Kayla, and her head almost turns because she’s just her type, but thankfully he didn’t kiss her despite her free pass. she.

The fact that Seb returned from the date with Flavia by the hand of her broke Kayla’s heart, since she was convinced that they were creating something wonderful, but she quickly located her to explain everything about her. The 24-year-old never lied, even admitting that he was tempted, but then said that he couldn’t stop thinking about her, making her relationship stronger than before. However, the young American woman wanted to claim his right and make it clear that the Scotsman was hers, so she accompanied him to the common shower.


Despite the danger, Seb and Kayla kissed, caressed and even had sex, much to the chagrin of the rest of the group. The cash prize was reduced after each rule violation, as the couple continued to be sexual even after Lana increased the penalty. In addition to the various cameras surrounding the Caribbean home, the couple had to evade another contestant, James Pendergrass, who was on a mission to keep everyone celibate.

So, towards the end of episode 5, Lana informed the group that the prize amount had been reduced from $200,000 to $117,000. So, how much did each contestant contribute to the prize fund?

Seb and Kayla: $50,000 + $18,000
Creed and Sophie: $6000
Nick and Jawahir: $3000
Seb and Yawahir: $3000
Nigel and Kayla: $3,000


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