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Sophie Stonehouse is a 22-year-old event manager from Brighton, UK. She is currently in the English city of Leeds. According to her LinkedIn profile of her, Sophie has been working with Global Fund for Children since 2018. According to Teal Mango, Sophie has been in a long-term relationship, but it didn’t work out due to her exceptionally high standards. She claims that casual relationships are more her cup of tea and she loves the freedom that comes with being single. Watching the part-time Instagram influencer and event manager trying to build meaningful links on ‘Too Hot To Handle’ is sure to be interesting for viewers and fans of the Netflix show.

Sophie Stonehouse’s Instagram has over 5k followers and gives viewers an insight into her life. Her biography says: “If all else fails, at least I laugh at my own jokes…”. The event director has also posted many photos from her trips to Indonesia, the United States, and Spain. She has also uploaded many bikini photos of herself and her friends, which show off her slender model figure.

In the ‘Too Hot To Handle’ season 4 trailer, Sophie finds herself caught in a sticky situation with a mystery contestant when he says, “Do you want to cut things with me to search for things with her?” followed by “She’s been here for a day!” It hasn’t been revealed who Sophie is addressing in the scene, but considering the show’s scandalous history, it’s fairly common for contestants to break up with one contestant to pursue a romance with another. The show even adds new faces to spice things up and cause drama between the already formed couples.


Sophie Stonehouse Age

The age of Sophie Stonehouse is just 22 years old

Sophie Stonehouse Manager to get ‘cut off’ by fellow contestant

The popular Netflix dating show ‘Too Hot To Handle’ is back with a new season. The simmering show returns to the platform on December 7th and will feature 10 sexy new singles who are blissfully unaware that they are participating in the infamous show where sexual activity of any kind is prohibited.

Netflix even hired Mario Lopez to attract these singles by posing as the host of a “fake show” called “Wild Love.” But as seen in the trailer, the truth is soon revealed to the contestants, who are shocked once they learn that they are actually on ‘Too Hot To Handle’ season 4. Over the next few weeks, these contestants will have to practice totally and utterly. abstinence if they hope to win the prize money. But being under the same roof with other beautiful and sexy people can be quite difficult. So before the show premieres on Netflix, let’s take the opportunity to find out a little more about one of the contestants: Sophie Stonehouse.


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