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Nick is a 28 year old artist from Michigan. He is one of the oldest contestants on the Netflix dating show after 29-year-old Nigel Jones. Kici describes himself as “a little bit of sun and a lot of rain”. With a sculpted face, he has found his place in the modeling industry. He has landed some of the best jobs including KnotWtr, a famous eyewear brand, and Nude magazine. Unlike other contestants, he has a modest following on Instagram. He was also seen singing in some of his videos. Maybe that ability will catch the interest of the ladies in the show.

If you are a fan of drama, horror and mystery movies, you must have seen Kici before. He has acted in the movie ‘The Invisible Man’. He played the role of a character named Taylor, a waiter. Nick has also worked on a short modeling video, titled ‘Knotwtr’. Since he was a child he has dedicated himself to acting and fulfilling his passion now that he has grown up. According to Starktimes, his net worth is estimated to be around $700K.

Nick Kici Age

The age of Nick Kici is 28 years.


Nick Kici Budding model starred in ‘The Invisible Man’

Love or lust? Season 4 of the Netflix dating reality show ‘Too Hot To Handle’ will put this age-old question to the test by putting a bunch of hot singles under one roof. The show’s synopsis asks fans to expect “higher stakes, new twists, and even wilder contestants.”

The 10 season 4 rookies are placed in a house for four weeks. During these weeks, the contestants, five men and five women, go through various workshops. They are prohibited from kissing or making any sexual contact other than tempting each other with their movements. It remains to be seen if rookie Nick Kici will be able to hang on and win. Until then, let’s know more about him.

There are very few Kici posts on social media. He is more active in real life. He has traveled to many places and has been in many relationships. His age will be a plus on the show as he has seen many ups and downs in his life, unlike other contestants who are younger. According to Shstrendz, he has traveled to Mexico, Australia and the Philippines, among others. Also, he’s been in 10 relationships or probably more than that, but he’s never had a deep connection with anyone.


In the ‘Too Hot To Handle’ season 4 trailer, a red-eyed Kici says, “I feel a sense of love that I’ve never felt before.” So does that mean he’s finally found a real connection to someone on the show? The show will surely make him do a lot of crazy things for love and lust too.

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