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A mysteriously wealthy Atlanta gay couple who have been accused of sodomizing their adopted sons were also pimping them out with other local men, disturbing new documents reveal. Zachary Zulock and her husband William Dale Zulock Jr. were once darlings of the LGBTQ scene in Georgia.

Zachary worked for a local bank branch while William worked for a local government customer service center, but somehow the couple made $7,500 a week. They also built their dream home in an area where similar properties sell for $900,000. Friends and family do not know how they earned so much money.

In August, the couple admitted to a variety of heinous sex crimes, including rape and forcing their young children to perform oral sex on them, after a midnight raid on their home, during which one of the adults was taken naked from the home. . Now, thanks to an investigation by Townhall, it has been discovered that the ailing couple not only abused the children, but they are also accused of offering them to other local men.


Zachary Zulock Age

The age of Zachary Zulock is not known.

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Zachary Zulock and William Dale Zulock Jr

Hunter Clay Lawless, 27, and Luis Armando Vizcarro-Sanchez, 25, were arrested on charges of soliciting a prostitution act with both children in August, but their names are only now being made public.

It’s unclear if they ever met the boys or had any sexual interaction with them, but Lawless told police Zachary Zulock invited him over to the house “multiple times” after meeting him through a friend on Grindr. He was arrested after child pornography investigators traced a large cache back to his Gmail address.


Lawless told police that Zulock contacted him via Snapchat, telling him that he was planning to “fuck his kid” that night and warning him to expect videos of it. Cops found photos and videos of Zachary Zulock raping the boy on Lawless’s phone and computer, according to arrest documents. In one message, Zachary allegedly said, “I’m going to fuck my son tonight.” Support.’

Vizcarro-Sanchez, the other local man, is also facing a string of unrelated child sex crimes.
Lawless lives with his mother and was shockingly released on a $25,000 bond after his August arrest.  Vizcarro-Sanchez is in custody on a range of charges. He is obsessed with anime and gaming, according to social media profiles, and stands accused of trying to coerce a 13-year-old relative into sex. 

It remains unclear what led police to the Zulocks, but a family member spoke to Town Hall about them at length. That relative said they had concerns about the company the pair kept, especially around the boys.
Before their August arrest, the pair lived a comfortable live in Atlanta thanks to Zachary’s bank work.
They also told relatives how they were given money by the state to pay for the children. The pair remain in custody awaiting their next court date.Read More…..


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