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“I don’t know why I did it,” a 12-year-old Oklahoma girl tearfully told police in the back of a police car earlier this year as her 9-year-old brother Zander Lyda lay dying from the stabbing she committed. . . The fatal incident occurred at an apartment in the St. Thomas Square neighborhood of downtown Tulsa just before midnight on January 5, the Tulsa Police Department said.

This week, Law & Crime obtained exclusive body camera footage of the aftermath of the stabbing of the 9-year-old boy and the arrest of her 12-year-old sister by Tulsa police officers. “Officers learned that the boys’ parents were sleeping upstairs when their 12-year-old daughter woke them up and told them that she had stabbed her 9-year-old brother,” police wrote on January 6.

The footage begins with the 12-year-old girl, whose full name is not being identified, coming down the stairs. “I’m so sorry,” she cries through tears. “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.” Seconds later, April Lyda nearly jumps out the door, screaming and out of her mind at what one child did to another.


Zander Lyda Age

The age of Zander Lyda was 9 years.

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Zander Lyda was killed her 12 years old sister

“There are stab wounds. In the chest, ”Lyda tells her daughter, who repeatedly apologizes. “You better ask God to f–––––– live.” Zander Lyda was rushed to a hospital and operated on, but succumbed to his injuries at around 2:30 AM. m. the next day. A GoFundMe for the terrified family, started by a friend who considers April Lyda her sister, offers testimonials about both children.

“Her daughter of hers was a well-behaved child with no history of behavior problems,” Jennifer Anthamatten wrote at the fundraiser. “Her son Zander was the sweetest kid who had the biggest smile, loved to ride his bike, play Fortnite, hang out with his best friend or just run errands with his mom. He loved spending time with his dad and his grandmother, going on trips with his family and his favorite places were the sky zone, amazing pizza and the children’s museum. His favorite foods were cheese pizza, tacos, and chocolate ice cream. He was an amazing son who always did what he was told, without hesitation, he wanted to make his mother proud, he loved his sister and his brother so much and he will be missed every second of every day.”


As the video continues, the handcuffed 12-year-old girl finally leads police to the knife used in the attack. She explains that she threw him out of the second story window after she was done.

“Did you use a knife?” April Lyda asks, appearing again and desperately throwing her hands up in the doorway as she explains her daughter to him. “I’m so sorry, Mom,” the 12-year-old yells back. “I’m so sorry, I don’t know what happened.” I have to go with him,” cries the boy’s mother.

“I’m so sorry,” the girl says again, looking up at the officer who is holding her. “I don’t know what the hell happened. I don’t know what happened I don’t know what happened.


When she is asked if she has any cuts on her body, the girl says that she does and takes off her hoodie. An officer comments that most of the cuts on her arms look old. He finds a cut, he tells himself, that looks newer, but notes that he’s not bleeding before he puts his hoodie back on.

On patrol, the girl repeatedly insists that she is going to jail and asks if she is going to jail. An officer hesitates between comforting her by telling her that it’s too soon to tell and that she won’t go to jail. “I ruined my life,” says the girl in the car. “I ruined my entire future.” The officer tells him that nothing is ruined. It’s all my fault,” she cries. “It’s no one’s fault,” the officer reassures her.

Sitting in the back of the police car, the 12-year-old tells a story about how her math teacher was away for a long time for cancer treatment, and when the teacher came back, she made her like them more. the maths. The officer in the front seat listens carefully. “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m going to go to jail for the rest of my life,” the girl whispers, crying, in prayer at one point. “And, I’m so sorry, God, please help me. What the hell? Please. M–––––– please.”


The footage is heavily edited and jumps. “I just want to wake up from this nightmare,” she says at one point. Despite the officer’s efforts to allay her concerns, the girl seems convinced that she will go to jail.

“I already know that I am going to go to jail for the rest of my life,” she says, still crying. The officer laughs at the certainty of her fear. The girl sobs for a few seconds and says: “What I did was super illegal.” “Are the handcuffs necessary?” the girl asks about 12 minutes into the footage while she’s still in patrol car. “I’m a good boy.”

The officer explains that the handcuffs are necessary due to department procedures due to the nature of the incident and especially since she is in the back seat of her car. The 12-year-old girl’s handcuffs are removed, so she can use the bathroom at roughly the 15-minute mark after the footage progresses before her formal admission to the police station occurs. At no time did the girl explain why the stabbing occurred.


The video then switches to her mother explaining that her daughter has never shown aggressive tendencies. She says that the violence of the night was a complete aberration. “I just don’t understand why she would be so mad at him,” April Lyda tells police. “Especially at bedtime.” The footage ends with the separate intake officer who interviewed the mother relaying the realization.

“She was upstairs,” she tells another officer. “She was downstairs sleeping. And she only heard screams. Go down there, and she thought he was just having a nightmare. Until she saw the blood. The second officer replies, “You wonder what goes through the mind of a 12-year-old boy.”Read More……

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