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MELBOURNE: A 47-year-old Melbourne man has finally pleaded guilty to murdering his estranged wife and hiding her body under the family home, after failing to prove his insanity. Zoran Pandilovski allegedly murdered 44-year-old Elaine Pandilovski by strangling her to death at her Mill Park home in July 2020. The young mother’s body was discovered by police on July 14, 2020, during a wellness check after the teacher’s aide didn’t show up for work.

Pandilovski was scheduled to appear before the Victorian Supreme Court for a murder trial on Monday, but she pleaded guilty just before the selection process began. He had deliberately put off convicting him for years, hoping to avoid responsibility for his actions by claiming mental illness.

In February of last year, a forensic psychiatrist certified that Pandilovski could stand trial, but he refused to accept her fate. During a hearing at the time, the court heard that Pandilovski had been evaluated by Dr. Jacqueline Rakov, who stated that there was insufficient medical evidence to establish an argument of mental disability. In an attempt to escape sentencing, Pandilovski sought a second evaluation from Dr. Patrick Newton, who agreed with Dr. Rakov’s diagnosis, according to the Daily Mail.


Zoran Pandilovski Age

The age of Zoran Pandilovski is 44 years.

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Charges on Zoran Pandilovski

Last week, Judge Christopher Beale noted that Pandilovski drove to Elaine’s house at 7:45 a.m. m. on the day of her murder and suffocated her to death while she was alone in her home. He moved Elaine’s body to the basement to hide the murder from her. Judge Beale said Pandilovski then fled the scene in his car and drove down Western Ring Road, where he was involved in a fiery car accident, reported. Detectives immediately arrested Pandilovski and charged him with two counts of reckless, life-endangering conduct for the alleged act, which has been dropped by prosecutors in part of a plea deal.

A teenager was among those injured in the horrific incident, from which Pandilovski appeared to have escaped almost unscathed. Although Pandilovski pleaded guilty to the murder, prosecutors have yet to provide an explanation as to why he killed his former partner. At his first court appearance in 2020, his acting attorney testified that he had been suffering from anxiety and depression, as well as diabetes. It was also revealed at this time that Elaine was a special needs school teacher who also cared for her 10-year-old autistic son.


Elaine and her alleged killer were high school sweethearts who had previously lived together for 15 years. They married in 2002 and decided to separate at the end of 2018. Elaine’s neighbors said that after her divorce, Pandilovski lived in the nearby suburb of Epping.

Locals claimed that Elaine was a dedicated mother who lived in the one-story house with her son. “My beautiful niece, words cannot explain how we feel now. Your life was taken from us and we couldn’t help it… I love you always, life will never be the same, our hearts will never be the same.” Rest in peace my beautiful angel,” Elaine’s aunt said in a social media post according to the Daily Mail. Pandilovski is now set to face a preliminary sentencing hearing in June 2023.Read More……..

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