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A mother stabbed another father with a knife during pickup on the first day of fall school at an elementary school in Las Vegas Monday in what authorities called “road rage” after she said the victim pushed her son, according to a police report obtained. for Law and Crime. Akira Mays, 30, was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon after the Monday afternoon attack outside Steele Elementary School, authorities said.

Details about the incident were detailed in a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrest report obtained by Law & Crime through a public records request. The names of the victim and the suspect’s son were redacted. Police received a 911 service call about the stabbing Monday afternoon. The caller said the parent of a student was stabbed at Steele Elementary School at 6995 W. Eldorado Lane. The victim sustained a stab wound to the upper left abdomen and was transported to a trauma center for emergency treatment, according to the report.

At the hospital, the victim told an officer that she had been picking up her children when she had a road rage incident with Mays, who was driving a red 2020 Mercedes Benz SUV, authorities said in the police report. arrest. The two began arguing outside their vehicles when a passenger in the Mercedes, Mays’s son, got out and also began arguing. The victim said the boy punched him in the side. She responded by pushing the boy to the ground, according to the report. Mays then allegedly attacked him, soon realizing he had been stabbed and seeking help from school staff before being taken to hospital.


While officers were on the scene, school personnel approached an officer and told him that he had a witness on the phone. When the “witness” identified herself as Mays, the officer told her that he needed to go back to school, the document says. She agreed to return. While on the phone with the officer, Mays admitted to stabbing the man, according to the arrest report.

Akira Mays Age

The age of Akira Mays is 30 year.

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Charges on Akira Mays

Mays returned to school and was taken into custody, according to the report. After she was read her rights, Mays allegedly told a detective that she had just picked up her son from school and she was leaving the parking lot when she had a road rage incident. She was pulling into a single lane in the parking lot when another vehicle wouldn’t let her in. The vehicle moved forward at full speed, preventing him from joining. The driver of the vehicle then stopped in Eldorado and on the side of the street, according to the document.


The man, described as white in his 40s and stocky, got out of her car and gestured to her. He then pulled up next to him and got out of her vehicle. He then he yelled at Mays. Mays’ son then got out of the car and told her not to talk to her mother like that, she told police, according to the document.

Mays was angry that she [deleted] hit her son, so she pulled out a knife and stabbed [deleted] once in the stomach,” the arrest report states. “Mays described the stabbing of her as a single blow.” She allegedly told investigators that she didn’t want to deal with any police, so she didn’t call. A family member of hers convinced her to call the school, the document says she told police.

Mays allegedly refused to say where the knife used in the stabbing of her was located. Video footage showing the attack corroborated the story the victim and suspect gave police. But police also noted in the report that the video was unable to clarify a primary shooter among the names police have redacted.


“The video shows [redacted] pushing each other. Mays and [redacted] then appear to push (stab) each other,” the report reads. “Mays seems to drop something after the altercation, she then picks it up.” Mays will appear in court on September 7. It was not clear Thursday if she has an attorney. An email to the Clark County School District communications office seeking comment was not immediately returned.Read More…..

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