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A rising high school student recently died while attending a cheerleading camp at Texas A&M. Callie Mitchell, 16, was airlifted to Texas Children’s Hospital after a trainer performed CPR on her on campus where she later died.

Mitchell was scheduled to start her junior year at Morton Ranch High School in Katy, Texas, where her mother is an assistant principal, according to KHOU. Days earlier, a coach called the parents to ask if Callie was having “trouble waking up this morning.” “Her mother, Michelle Donahue, said she ‘never’ did it.

Her parents then drove to campus, where they learned that CPR was to be performed on her daughter. “If it wasn’t for [coach], we never would have had a chance to say goodbye,” Donahue told KHOU. Mitchell’s father, Scott Donahue, said her daughter had long QT syndrome, a conduction disorder that affects the electrical system that controls the heartbeat. The condition if she is often inherited, notes the New York Post.


Callie Mitchell Age

The age of Callie Mitchell was 16 year.

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Callie Mitchell cause of death

Scott says Mitchell “probably” went into cardiac arrest caused by the condition. Long QT can be detected by an electrocardiogram (EKG), which is optional during sports physicals in Texas. Mitchell’s father now urges parents to get EKGs for their children. “For any other parent, you know you get physicals every year…EKGs are not part of a physical…Get an EKG,” Scott said. of two, said her mother.

“She always wanted to be friends with anyone and everyone,” Scott added. “Callie was a young woman with many passions,” says his obituary. “She was a cheerleader who brought joy to those around her. She was an avid reader and cherished the times she spent with her family and friends. Callie also held a special place in her heart for her French bulldogs from her, Eugene and Ruby.


“A dedicated Taylor Swift fan, Callie loved to drive with the windows open, enjoying every moment of life. Her love of the color pink reflected her vibrant personality. Callie loved the taste of Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, Free Birds, cheese from any restaurant, and Texas Roadhouse. “Callie had a unique connection to time and would make a wish at 11:11 a.m., trusting in the magic of the moment. At church, she was the energetic teenager who always insisted on being in the front row, reflecting her strong faith and commitment to their beliefs

She adorned her car, ‘Faith’, with a cross that hung from the mirror, symbolizing her unwavering devotion. A natural leader, Callie attended Great Adventure Camp and took on the role of leader-in-training, excited about her future plans to become a counselor there. She aspired to be a child psychologist, reflecting her compassionate and caring nature. Callie was also a member of NCL Star Katy, where she loved volunteering in the community.”Read More……..

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