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An 8-year-old girl has been rescued in the Philippines after she was allegedly kidnapped by Godiflor Rama and carried down the street stuffed in a suitcase. The girl was returning home around noon Thursday after buying a soda at her aunt’s Cebu Island grocery store when she was abducted and put in the black case, police told Her mother, Tyree Lanny Rendal, raised the alarm hours later when she got home and couldn’t find her daughter, the outlet said. She later reviewed security video from her apartment building and saw the hooded man carrying the luggage away, the outlet said.

After a huge and frantic search, police finally found the girl at a boarding house less than half a mile from her home in the Bakilid district of Mandaue city, the Manilla Bulletin said. Surprisingly, she was largely uninjured, except for minor scratches to her hands, feet and mouth from allegedly being taped up.

Godiflor Rama Age

The age of Godiflor Rama was 8 year.


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Charges on Godiflor Rama

The police officers arrested Godiflor Rama, 32, who worked for more than a year as a caretaker in the apartment where the girl and her family lived. Rama reportedly admitted to the kidnapping but tried to excuse his actions by claiming he did it to teach the boy’s grandparents a lesson after a dispute.

I hope the family can forgive me for what I did,” the suspect told local reporters, according to The Daily Mail, which identified the girl as Jin Nichole You. “I only did that because they accused me of stealing her belongings, like her bags and hangers.” Rama said he did not fully zip the suitcase so the girl could breathe inside it, and denied sexually assaulting her while she was held captive.

“I admit that the girl is attractive, but that does not mean that I like her. I did not rape her, ”he told the media. “I fed her and let her play,” he reportedly said, maintaining that he intended to return the girl to her family after 6 hours. The 8-year-old kidnapping survivor has since been reunited with her mother, who thanked police for quickly rescuing her daughter from the clutches of her kidnapper.Read More…….


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