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A Nevada man killed his wife while the dying woman’s son and daughter frantically tried, in various ways, to contact police and save her life, Las Vegas police allege. Alexander Fitzgerald Marshall, 62, is charged with one count of open murder, according to a news release issued by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and Clark County Jail records.

Police in Sin City say Marshall killed his wife, Ma-Del Sagrario Diaz-Torres, in a long-lasting jealous rage several days after she spoke Spanish to a waiter over dinner. in a restaurant. Shortly after midnight Monday, the woman’s son stopped a patrol car and told officers his stepfather was strangling his mother, according to an arrest report obtained by Law & Crime.

Officers entered the home and found Diaz-Torres “upstairs lying on a couch unresponsive with a slight pulse,” as well as “apparently blood” and “several stab wounds to the chest area,” the report says. The deceased woman’s daughter explained the domestic problem that had consumed the house in the days before her mother’s death.


“Marshall and Ma-Del Sagrario had been arguing for the past several days due to an incident that occurred while they were having dinner,” the arrest report states. “[The daughter] described Marshall as being overly jealous of Ma-Del Sagrario and her interaction with men. As Ma-Del Sagrario conversed with one of the servers in Spanish, Marshall got upset. Because of the discussion, Ma-Del Sagrario had been sleeping in the [redacted] room or on the sofa.”

Alexander Fitzgerald Marshall Age

The age of Alexander Fitzgerald Marshall is 62 year.

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Charges on Alexander Fitzgerald Marshall

On the night in question, the woman’s daughter allegedly told police that she came home to another argument in progress and then she fell asleep. She woke up to the sound of her mother’s screams and went to see what was happening. According to the arrest report, Marshall was straddling her wife on a sofa, strangling her with her right hand. The woman’s daughter said she tried to intervene but Marshall threatened to hurt her next if she did anything.


The daughter then ran to the bathroom, tried to call her brother, hung up, and then called 911, the arrest report says, “but due to the long wait time, he hung up” and called her brother again. .

At some point, she told her daughter to the police, she heard her mother stop screaming and assumed she had passed out on her. She then heard what she described as Marshall’s footsteps leaving the room, going into a bedroom and closing and locking the door. Soon enough, however, the door opened again, the footsteps resumed, and she heard her mother “scream hysterically.” The daughter took the opportunity to run at that point, she said, and left the house with what she described as a “punching” sound, thinking Marshall had been hitting the couch.

The woman’s daughter then ran through the neighborhood for help and began running toward a car when she realized Marshall was driving toward her, the arrest report says. She ran in the opposite direction, watching the maroon Nissan pickup leave the area. During a separate police interview, Diaz Torres’ son told police that he missed a call from his sister, but he answered the second time, upon learning of the alleged violence at his Shadow Grove Avenue home. . The son drove to his house while the officers he called followed close behind. That group discovered the worst and the woman’s son “began to shake” the body of his mother, for which the officers told him to come out.


An LVMPD spokesperson told local NBC affiliate KSNV that Marshall was found traveling on the 215 Beltway and being chased by police after they tried to stop traffic. Police eventually used the pursuit intervention technique, or PIT maneuver, in which a pursuing vehicle strikes the side of a fleeing vehicle, forcing it to turn. Then, police say, Marshall “barricaded himself” inside his truck before finally being arrested around 5:35 a.m.

During a subsequent interview, the defendant allegedly admitted to “experiencing marital problems” and said that he “was trying to get their relationship back to the way it was,” the arrest report says. Marshall also allegedly “confirmed” the dispute over the server to LVMPD detectives, saying they had an “argument” about “her talking to one of the servers when Marshall wasn’t around.”

Marshall allegedly told police that he came home from work the night before with a bottle of Bacardi and mixed it “with Coke. “Marshall was not sure how much Bacardi he consumed,” police wrote. Marshall allegedly told police that when his wife arrived, he tried to talk to her about their relationship, but in the process, he also “retrieved a vibrating sex toy, attached his wedding ring to it, and presented it” to his wife. After that, apparently, she did not want to talk. This “frustrated” Marshall.


“Marshall admitted to choking Ma-Del Sagrario, but he had no recollection of what led him to do it,” the arrest report continues. “Marshall admitted to retrieving a ‘steel’ kitchen knife from the bedroom, which was previously [sic] placed in the bedroom, and stabbing Ma-Del Sagrario. Marshall believes that he stabbed Ma-Del Sagrario a couple of times, but he couldn’t remember how many in all.” The defendant was jailed in absentia because he was first taken to a hospital to treat unidentified injuries, police said. In comments to KSNV, LVMPD Lt. Jason Johansson said the injuries were likely self-inflicted and the circumstances of his arrest.Read More………

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