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Police are searching for a potential witchcraft practitioner who stole the head of a murdered woman from her grave in Brazil. Sabrina Tavares de Almeida, 31, was shot to death in August 2022 before her burial site was desecrated in March of this year. An administrator of the cemetery, located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, quickly contacted the police, who launched an investigation that is now made public.

“We discovered that the concrete cover had been broken with a blunt blow,” criminal expert Fábio Barbosa Teixeira told local media. “The lid of the wooden coffin inside the tomb was broken and the head of the corpse had been removed.” Teixeira believes that the gruesome tomb robbery was not related to Almeida’s murder and that the perpetrator was a purveyor of black magic due to other evidence found at the scene.

Instead of the head of the corpse there was an earthenware bowl that contained burned materials inside”, he stated. The police continue to search for the tomb raider, but have already named the main suspect in Almeida’s brutal murder.


Sabrina Tavares de Almeida Age

The age of Sabrina Tavares de Almeida was 31 year.

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Sabrina Tavares de Almeida

Last August, Almeida and her mother, Fátima de Azevedo Tavares, were shot by a hooded man while they were sleeping inside her house. Almeida died on the spot, but her mother managed to survive the attack. Soon after, police named Almeida’s ex-brother-in-law, Mateus da Silva Osório Ferreira, as the man they believed he had committed the crime.

Almeida had been married to the suspect’s brother, a police officer who was murdered in 2016. After her death, Almeida became sole heir to her house, much to Ferreira’s anger. Ferreira launched a legal challenge to try to get ownership of his brother’s house, but lost the ugly court battle. Prosecutors maintain that he never accepted the court’s decision to award the property to Almeida and subsequently began threatening her.


Ferreira was arrested four months after Almeida’s murder and was charged with femicide and attempted femicide. However, on July 20, Judge Adriano Celestino Santos released the suspect, citing lack of evidence.

For Almeida’s father. For Jorge Luiz Gomes de Almeida, the desecration of his daughter’s grave was yet another blow, since she is still struggling to cope with her murder. “You bury someone and they do this to you? he told the local press. “It’s a horrible thing. They murdered her and there is no peace for her, not even in the cemetery.”Read More………

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