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A mother was devastated when her 25-year-old daughter, a Manhattan EMT, was viciously attacked while responding to an emergency call. The assailant, Rudolph Garcia, 48, had a long violent criminal record, leaving Julia Fatum mother to wonder how she could have carried out such a cruel act against her daughter.

The incident occurred when Fatum and her team picked up Garcia, who was in cardiac arrest, only for him to turn on her with a kitchen knife inside the ambulance. The attack left Julia with multiple stab wounds, raising concerns about the safety of frontline workers and handling people with mental disorders with violent histories.

Julia Fatum is an EMT from New York, driven by her passion for healthcare and helping others. After graduating from Pace University in 2020, she joined the ranks of frontline first responders, providing timely medical assistance to those in need. On July 19, while responding to an emergency call, she was tragically stabbed to death by a mentally disturbed man she was trying to help.


Garcia brutally attacked Fatum with a kitchen knife, causing severe stab wounds to her arm, leg and abdomen, according to the Daily Mail. Disturbing video footage captured Fatum in agony, writhing on the ground outside the ambulance, while Garcia he seemed confused about the facts and said, “I don’t know what happened.” His colleague intervened, yelling, “You stabbed her, bro!”

Julia Fatum Age

The age of Julia Fatum is 25 year.

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Who killed Julia Fatum?

After enduring multiple surgeries, Fatum was released from the hospital on Wednesday, July 26. Fatum’s mother, Cara, rightly questions how Garcia, with his extensive criminal history, could roam free and carry out such a violent act against his daughter. that he was simply doing his duty as an EMT. “Fact: Rouldoph “Rudy” Garcia, 48, of Bronx, New York, has eight prior arrests, including criminal possession of a weapon, assault, threatening a weapon, drugs, robbery and assault on a police officer. He has been released back to civilization 8 times New York has failed its people How is your bail reform working she wrote on Facebook.


A GoFundMe campaign has been created for Fatum to support her during her recovery. The campaign has had an overwhelming response, with donors contributing more than $43,000, exceeding the initial goal of $35,000. Despite facing a long road to recovery, Fatum was greeted with cheers and support when she left the hospital on Wednesday.

Her mother told ABC 7: “I’m overwhelmed, I can’t believe so many people can see the value in her.” She said that her daughter would continue to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse. “I don’t think Julia is worried about anything, she’s tough, she takes on the world,” said Cara. “If this makes a difference to the safety of her fellow EMTs, I know she would do it all over again.”

On Wednesday, Fatum took to Facebook to express her heartfelt gratitude, thanking everyone for her overwhelming support. “My hope for the future is that the workplace will be safer for all of us,” she wrote. “Many people have asked me if I am done with healthcare and with NYC. This incident has shown me the community we have within EMS in NYC and is incredibly inspiring.


It reminded me of why I fell in love with EMS here 3 years ago. View my colleagues running alongside me compassionately, competently and in the face of danger has only further solidified my desire to advance my career in healthcare I refuse to allow these people who are trying to hurt us to change my personality or plan of action life”.Read More…….

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