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The man accused of running over his uncle with a jeep in the older man’s driveway has been charged with murder days after the alleged victim died of his injuries. Jordan Aronson, 21, is facing second-degree murder charges in the death of Scott Grebler in Tampa, Florida, court records show. He has pleaded not guilty.

According to Tampa police, Aronson made an emergency call on June 13 and told dispatchers that he had struck an adult male with his car in the driveway of a residence. Aronson said he knew the man he had hit, adding that he had left the area but the victim was “on the ground” and needed help but was still breathing when he walked away.

First responders took Grebler to a nearby hospital. Having suffered multiple traumatic injuries, including injuries to the skull and brain, Grebler was placed on a ventilator, according to police. He stayed for eight days before dying in hospital on June 21, at which point police reclassified the investigation as homicide.


The next day, Aronson was charged with murder with a weapon, according to court documents. He was arrested June 23 in Ft. Lauderdale. Aronson had initially said that Grebler had tried to attack him, a story Tampa police say was unraveled during post-Miranda discussions with Aronson.

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The age of Jordan Aronson is 21 year.

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Charges on Jordan Aronson

According to a probable cause affidavit, Aronson told investigators that Grebler “threw a ceramic mug at his (black Jeep) vehicle and then proceeded to chase him around the vehicle. Then his uncle double punched him in the chest. Aronson got into his vehicle to drive away, but was unable to straighten his tires before backing up. As he backed up, he pulled out of the driveway onto the sidewalk. He then pulled over in the driveway to straighten the wheels and hit his uncle with his vehicle.”Aronson also described his uncle as “delusional,” the affidavit says. While the surveillance video showed an altercation between Grebler and Aronson, police said the video also “disproves some claims made by Aronson,” specifically the order of events that led to Aronson hitting his uncle with his Jeep. .


Specifically, the video shows that “Aronson backed the Jeep onto the road, at which point the victim grabs a three-ring binder full of paperwork, runs to the Jeep, and throws the binder into the Jeep. Aronson then quickly drives into the driveway, striking the victim with the front driver’s side of the vehicle.”

As Grebler began to fall toward the driver’s side of the Jeep, police said, “Aronson turned the vehicle toward the driver’s side, appearing to follow the falling victim. The Jeep then stopped when it appeared to hit a palm tree, with the victim on the ground, next to the tree and tire.” Aronson then backed the Jeep onto the road, according to police.

A witness walking his dog in the area at the time told police he “observed a black Jeep Wrangler backing rapidly out of a driveway, papers flying all over the driveway, before speeding back.” to the driveway.” The car was idle for about 30 seconds, during which time the witness heard “two loud screams coming from the vehicle” before it drove away.


The witness walked to the residence, where he found “business checks and a black folder in the driveway in front of the house. He also saw a broken coffee cup in the driveway.” The witness then saw Grebler on the ground, bleeding from his head, and immediately called the police.

Police said Grebler was in his 50s at the time of his death. According to a report by Tampa Fox affiliate WTVT, Grebler was a founding member of the 13 Ugly Men charity. The group, whose motto is “party with a purpose,” is known for hosting fundraising parties in the area with the proceeds going to charities. In February, the Tampa City Council recognized the group for its outstanding contributions to the community, WTVT reported.Read More…..

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