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John Shively has been arrested after he allegedly admitted to claiming the life of his 25-year-old son while the duo fought the son’s claim for a meager $2.50. According to the Wisconsin State Journal, a criminal complaint revealed the extent of the “finances” the two men were fighting over.

Zachary Shively had reportedly demanded his father give him $2.50, but he only had $2 and that amounted to a little more than 30 cents in change. The outlet reports that the defendant told police that his son “kept hammering” and that he needed 25 more cents. John Shively, 64, is accused of killing his son Zachary while the two were fighting over money. He has been charged with first degree manslaughter and use of a dangerous weapon. John posted bail on July 25 and has a hearing scheduled for August 1.

On June 22, officers reportedly responded to calls to a home around 6:38 p.m., police in Madison, Wisconsin said in an incident report. “Upon arrival, an adult male was located dead inside a residence,” the incident report said.


John Shively Age

The age of John Shively is 64 year.

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Why John Shively killed his son?

Authorities discovered a firearm at the scene and detained what they later described as a “person of interest” without incident. “He provided a statement to investigators, saying that he and the victim were discussing finances when the argument turned physical,” the incident report says.

John Shively reportedly said the fight was about more than just money. He claimed that he owes taxes on his house and that he had fallen behind on his mortgage and credit card payments and that the fight was about various bad decisions. He subsequently provoked a physical confrontation, with the victim allegedly punching his father in the upper arm and pushing him into the corner. John landed on a chair and hit his head, though he said he wasn’t hurt by it.


According to the complaint, John Shively tried to climb the stairs, but Zachary grabbed him from behind and continued to hit him. It was at that moment, John grabbed his son’s gun which he left on a ledge at the bottom of the stairs after he reportedly used it to shoot from a moving car that night. The defendant then fired “point blank” when Zachary Shively allegedly approached him.

“I foolishly thought with a gun pointed at him he would finally give me a break,” John Shively allegedly told police. “I can’t tell you how sorry I am for picking it up,” he allegedly told police, adding that he thought his son would “finally back down” with a gun pointed at him. “It was a big argument for (25 cents), is that crazy or…” he also reportedly said. The outlet reported that the defendant allegedly told a man living with them to “call 911,” following the incident. John Shively himself also called the emergency line. “I pulled the trigger,” he said while sitting in a police car after the police arrived.Read More…….

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