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NEW YORK – The jury was stunned after ex-police officer Michael Valva’s ex-fiancée, Angela Polina said during her trial on Long Island on Wednesday, March 8, that it was “a little chilly” but she was “comfortable” in the tomorrow. Thomas froze to death. As the jurors gasped, one said quietly, “Oh my God.” Pollina made the remarks during cross-examination of her by Assistant District Attorney Kerriann Kelly in Suffolk County Court. Autistic boy Thomas Valva, 8, died after his father let him sleep. in a frozen garage

The prosecutor released videos of Thomas and his 10-year-old brother Anthony shivering on the concrete garage floor. In one of the videos, recorded on January 5, 2020, Thomas took a dirty towel from the laundry basket to keep himself warm. Texting the video to Michael, Pollina wrote: “That son of a bitch Thomas went to the laundry basket for a dirty towel. Watch him scurry away.” Michael responded by asking her to leave the children alone. Thomas died two weeks later.

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Angela Polina accused of second-degree murder of Thomas Valva

Assistant District Attorney Kelly revealed more messages, including one dated February 27, 2019, in which Angela Polina asked Michael to wash her son in the yard instead of using the bathroom. “No bathroom! If you want to wash them, do it in the backyard!” she said. She added that she was removing the mattress from Thomas. “It was a difficult environment,” Pollina now told the jury. “I think they had behavioral issues.”

Michael was convicted in December of last year of murder in the death of Thomas. He was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. When she said that she did not want to exile the children anymore, Pollina told her that she was “using [Thomas’s] autism as an excuse.” “He tries what you want, but he’s not coming back to this house,” she wrote. Jurors were visibly upset as Pollina detailed the horrors. Some shook their heads, others gasped, and a man was seen wiping away tears. Many covered their faces with their hands as cross-examination continued, according to the New York Post.



Recordings played in court also revealed how Pollina once berated Anthony and forced him to put socks on his hands because he did not want to catch the germs from him. She accused the boy of putting his hands down his pants. Asked by Kelly if she thought the boy might have been trying to stay warm in the garage or if he was uncomfortable because she had forced him to wear diapers, she Pollina said: “It was inappropriate!”

Kelly revealed text messages where Pollina told Michael that she would send the kids to school without breakfast. “I’m not feeding anyone!” Pollina allegedly sent a text message. “I’m taking care of my own damn kids and that’s it. Your kids better not give my name to any more damn teachers!”

Pollina previously admitted that she had been “mean” and “awful” to the children and said that she put the children in the garage the night before Thomas died of hypothermia. She also said that she tried to delete surveillance camera footage of the incident. Pollina has been charged with second degree murder and child endangerment.


Social media users reacted to the news with one saying: “I remember this story, poor boy.” Another said: “Poor baby, may he rest in the arms of God from that hellish nightmare. I pray that justice be done to the two monsters who killed this innocent child.” “I pray you get some kind of justice, your other two kids are going to need a lot of help and so are you,” one Facebook user commented. “I heard from a person in court today that the DA was a relentless ‘shark’ after Angela! YES TEAM!” said another user on Facebook.

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