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INDIANA: Indiana State Police have lifted a silver alert for an Indiana teen who went missing from her home on Monday, March 6. According to police and family, Emily Barger 14-year-old girl was last seen at 1 a.m. m. Monday in Georgetown, Indiana. and she was initially deemed to be in “extreme danger”.

The alert was canceled by the ISP on Wednesday, March 8. The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office also shared on Facebook that Barger was found safe and sound in Attica, Indiana, about three hours from Georgetown. According to authorities, her father, Shawn Barger, is with her now. Attica is located in Fountain County, Indiana, about 40 miles southwest of Lafayette, the WDRB reports.

According to the sheriff’s department, local police will consult with the Floyd County Prosecutor’s Office about possible local charges. The Floyd County Sheriff’s Department has identified 18-year-old Terry Ross Jr as a person of interest in connection with Barger’s disappearance, according to the Tribune-Star. “Throughout our investigation, it shows that he could have been with her, just a person of interest to follow that lead. We need to talk to him and see what he has to say. Like many other people, we just follow those leads. So I’m hoping to get information so I can locate her,” Floyd County Sheriff Steve Bush said.


Emily Barger Age

The age of Emily Barger is 14 years.

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Emily Barger missing girl found safe

The police had issued a silver alert for Emily Barger. There are certain criteria that a missing person must meet in order for the police to issue an Amber Alert or Silver Alert. Amber Alerts are issued to children under the age of 18 who are believed to have been abducted and are in danger. To issue an Amber Alert, police must also have details about the suspect and her vehicle.

Silver Alerts are issued for missing or endangered persons or children. They are much more common for missing persons. Last year, the criteria for Silver Alerts were expanded to include children. In both cases, these warnings must be issued by the police, reports WTHR. We appreciate the assistance of various local, state and federal law enforcement agencies,” the police department’s Facebook post reads. “In addition, we appreciate the assistance of the local media, but most importantly our community that never fails to help when it is called. about,” the post read.


Emily’s father, Shawn Barger, has shared a lot of information about her daughter and the events surrounding her disappearance on Facebook. On Monday morning, he shared that her daughter’s bed was empty, but her phone was in the house. The father later wrote in his post that he believed the girl was with a man who might be driving a red van. “This is the guy who took my daughter. There is still no contact with her and she has not been able to locate him. Please help if anyone sees him, she is not safe and this is not a good guy,” the father posted. .

Emily’s father later begged his daughter to come home in a separate post: “If you can see this any way please come home no problem I love and miss you so much you have tons of family and friends looking for you”. wanting to take you home,” the concerned father wrote in one post. “Please go to a gas station anywhere and tell them you need to come home, call the police or me or anyone please come home . I love them,” said the father.

After Emily was located to safety, Shawn, who is now relieved, said on Facebook: “We have custody of Emily’s SWAT team, we have the guy we’re on in Attica.” People are now leaving loving comments on her post, labeling it the “best news of the day.” “What a crazy, scary, and overly emotional week!!!” someone who knows Shawn wrote on her page. Got her! ‘” Another person wrote: “So glad Emily was found and home safe. Thank you God. And I will continue to pray for all of you and hope you all can rest.”Read More……


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