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ILLINOIS: A pregnant woman was shot and killed while trying to rob someone in Belmont Cragin, Chicago on Monday, March 6. According to a Chicago police statement, 21-year-old Genesis Escobar got into a car in the 5200 block of West Montana Street. around 1:00 p.m. with the intention of committing a robbery.

According to authorities, shots were fired between the occupants of the car and a person outside. Escobar was shot multiple times, reportedly in the hand, back, and shoulder. The shooters then covered her body with cash and fled from her after she was thrown from the car at a nearby intersection. Escobar was seven months pregnant and friends of hers said she was looking forward to having a mother, according to the Daily Mail.

Iris Álvarez, a neighbor of hers, stated that just before the incident, Escobar had visited her daughter. “He texted my daughter and said to my daughter, ‘Please help me! I’m in trouble!'” Alvarez said. “But my daughter was sleeping.” Shortly after, Álvarez and her daughter heard four shots and ran outside to investigate where they found Escobar lying in the street, struggling to breathe. “We looked out the window and we saw the vehicle: someone opened the driver’s door, walked around the vehicle, removed the body and drove off,” she said.


Genesis Escobar Age

The age of Genesis Escobar was 21 years.

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How did Genesis Escobar died

According to witnesses, Escobar was part of a gang that tried to steal a car and they exchanged fire during the altercation. “They dumped a lot of money on her. I don’t know if she was in some kind of trouble. I don’t care how much trouble you’re in, I feel like a person does that to someone.” , he has no heart,” said Álvarez.

Police say Ella Escobar was taken to the Illinois Masonic Medical Center, where she was later pronounced dead. She was seven months pregnant and friends of hers told reporters that the baby did not survive. “When we got to the hospital, unfortunately, the baby could not be saved and she also passed away,” said Álvarez.


According to the most recent report from the Chicago Police Department, rapes are up 16% this year compared to 2022. Along with aggravated assaults, robberies are up 13% and 11% respectively. Overall theft has increased in the Windy City by 31%, while vehicle thefts in particular have increased by 143%. The only category that saw declines were homicides, which fell 18%, and firearm events, which fell 8%. Violent crime as a whole increased 52% from 2022 and 102% compared to 2021.Read More…..

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