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MEXICO: In a harrowing tragedy, four US citizens were assaulted and kidnapped at gunpoint by a Mexican cartel on Friday, March 3. One of the two slain Americans had allegedly expressed his reluctance about the ill-fated trip to Mexico by saying, “We shouldn’t go down,” according to his sister. Slain Zindell Brown had alarmingly warned about the dangers of traveling in the crime-ridden city of Matamoros to his friends, Latavia “Tay” McGee and Eric James Williams, and Shaeed Woodard. The foursome had traveled to the nation for medical treatment when they were allegedly caught in the crossfire between two opposing cartel groups. Apparently, a Mexican cartel mistook them for Haitian drug traffickers.

“Zindell kept saying, ‘We shouldn’t go down,'” his sister Zalandria Brown said. One of the victims, Latavia, a mother of six and a frequent visitor to the nation, was traveling with her friends to undergo a cosmetic procedure. They were traveling from South Carolina to the city of Matamoros in the northeastern state of Tamaulipas, Mexico, in a white minivan when the mishap occurred. In the aftermath, grisly images posted on social media showed men with assault rifles and body armor loading the four Americans into the back of a white pickup truck in the crime-ridden city of Matamoros.

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The age of Zindell Brown is not announced.


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Zindell’s sister, who lives in Florence, South Carolina, said his death was “like a bad dream you wish you could wake up from.” She added: “To see a member of your family thrown in the back of a truck and dragged away, it’s just unbelievable,” according to the New York Post. In the video, one of the men appeared to be alive, as he could be seen raising his head above the pavement before being dragged into the vehicle. The other three victims appeared to be dead or seriously injured.

Lativa’s aunt, Mary McFadden, said that when the family didn’t hear from the group, they started looking online and found a video showing her niece being kidnapped. “We recognized her and her blonde hair,” McFadden told CNN, the source reported. The Native Americans were found in a wooden shack on Tuesday, guarded by a man, José Guadalupe, who was later arrested, Chief State Attorney Irving Barrios said.

Zindell and Shaeed were reported dead and were taken for forensic work at the Matamoros morgue, Tamaulipas Gov. Américo Villarreal said. Eric suffered a gunshot wound to the leg and Latavia, a mother of six, was not physically injured. The couple was escorted by Mexican military Humvees and national guard trucks in a convoy of vehicles to Brownsville, Texas.Read More…..


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