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Anna Delvey and her handmade drawing titled ‘Delusions of Grandeur. Fake German heiress Anna Sorokin, aka Anna Delvey, convicted of larceny and larceny, still wears an ankle bracelet, but has managed to earn $340,000 from the sale of her artwork.

Delvey charges $25,000 for original works and $250 for copies, and sources say a large group of fans from around the world, including ‘Saturday Night Live’s’ Chloe Fineman, have bought her works.

Since Delvey began her career in May, art dealer Chris Martine has described her interest in her work as “pretty crazy.” We have sold prints to 40 or 50 countries. It’s pretty amazing how her audience responds to everything she does,” as quoted by the New York Post.


Most of the images in her paintings and illustrations, which were done with jailhouse pens and pencils, show Delvey herself, sneaking around in high-end clothes like Chanel and Prada as she gains recognition.

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Anna Sorokin, Found guilty of larceny and theft

One piece mocks the New York Times front page by changing the gothic headline to ‘The Crimes of Delvey.’ Martine, co-founder of the New York-based Founders Arts Club, claimed that Fineman, who once posed as Delvey on “SNL,” bought a $250 limited edition of “Run It Again,” a $10 autographed copy. 13 inch piece showing the blonde con man begging a figure behind a counter to run his credit card one more time after several failed attempts.

Fineman received a second copy of the print as a “gift”, according to Martine. The Founders Art Club estimates that the unframed piece will increase in value by 280%.

Martine claimed that since appearing virtually at a one-night art exhibit at Nolita’s Public Hotel in May, Sorokin, 31, who has been under house arrest in Manhattan since being released in October, had personally gained in the “range six figures.” as a result of her collaboration.


Any artist selling more than $250,000 in prints alone, especially in a weak market, “isn’t kidding,” Martine commented. “She has a very clear talent, she is a captivating person and people resonate with her concepts.”

San Francisco tech entrepreneur Casey Grooms spent $15,000 on Sorokin’s ‘Prowling in Prada,’ an original 20-by-16-inch acrylic on canvas that he sees as the ideal way to start his art collection.

“It’s the idea, specifically, of buying into the idea of Anna and her life story,” Grooms told the New York Post about what drew his attention to his work. “It was like a ticket to move much faster in this space.”


In late November, Sorokin released “The House (Arrest) Collection,” a collection of four original paintings, including the one purchased by Groom, and four first-edition prints, in collaboration with Brooklyn gallery The Locker Room.

The Delvey Danger Zone package, which costs $549 and includes a 15-minute conversation with Anna herself, is one of the content tiers available on the Passes platform.

A 1 minute “custom” video is included in the “Delvey Download”, which costs $259. Those who want to subscribe can get their “Good Behavior” subscription for $29.99 each month.


Sorokin was released in October after serving four years of a four to 12-year sentence for misleading wealthy partners and hotels into thinking she was a German heiress. An immigration judge restricted her access to all social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram, as part of her release.

Even though she hasn’t shared anything on Instagram since October 1, she still maintains a profile with 1.1 million followers and promotes a link to her artwork in her bio.Read More……

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