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A 36-year-old woman Jessica Trefethen found guilty of mercilessly abusing and killing her three-year-old son will now spend several years behind bars.

Chief Judge Robert Murray sentenced Jessica Trefethen, also known as Jessica Williams, to 47 years in prison on Tuesday, December 20, for the cold-blooded murder of little Maddox Williams, according to Law and Crime.

Trefethen was unanimously found guilty of one count of murder on October 18. The jury is said to have reached her decision relatively quickly after only an hour of deliberation because it found that she manifested a “depraved disregard for the value of human life.”


Victoria Vose, Maddox’s paternal grandmother, spoke to the judge before deciding on a sentence. She said, “I am broken. My family is broken.”

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Jessica Trefethen Age

The age of Jessica Trefethen is 36 years.

Jessica Trefethen, Found guilty of killing her three-year-old son

She also reportedly asked Judge Murray to sentence Trefethen to life in prison. The judge reportedly described Trefethen as having “a twisted sense of punishment” and emphasized her apparent lack of remorse before handing down the sentence.

“Defendant’s statements, interviews and behavior immediately after Maddox’s death focused on causes for anything but herself,” she told the court.


Maddox was pronounced dead at Waldo County General Hospital on June 20, 2021, as previously reported by MEAWW. An autopsy on him revealed that he died with a fractured spine, numerous bruises, deep tissue bruising, and internal bleeding, in addition to other injuries.

Maine’s deputy chief medical examiner, Dr. Liam Funte, claimed that a blunt force wound to his abdomen caused his death, and that this injury was consistent with battered child syndrome.

Trefethen insisted that Maddox’s injuries resulted from his older sister kicking and grabbing him and dragging him on a dog leash onto a rock.


Trefethen was arrested on June 23, 2021, three days after Maddox was pronounced dead at the hospital. The trial began Oct. 5 at the Waldo County Judicial Center.

The jury was made up of 10 men and six women, four of whom were substitutes. After closing arguments, jurors reportedly only needed about an hour to deliberate before returning with a guilty verdict.

Trefethen did not address the judge before her sentencing. Assistant Attorneys General Leane Zainea and John Risler had reportedly asked the court to sentence her to 55 years behind bars.


Murray also ordered Trefethen to pay more than $9,000 in restitution for her son’s funeral expenses and grief counseling for family members.Read More….

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