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A desperate police search is underway to locate a missing five-month-old baby boy, who was kidnapped with his twin when a child molester allegedly stole his mother’s car on Monday, December 19. Police located Kyair Thomas in an airport parking lot, but are still looking for her brother, Kason.

Thomas and Kason were inside his mother Wilhelmina Barnett’s black 2010 Honda Accord at 9:45 p.m. m. when she walked into Donatos Pizza in Columbus to pick up a Door Dash order.

Barnett then turned around and saw that her vehicle with two of her children inside it was missing. Officers arrived on scene minutes after receiving a call from the restaurant.


The 911 call heard Barnett say. “Someone just stole my car and my babies are there. I was right here and all I was doing was grabbing this pizza. It was right here, I didn’t even go in the building,” according to The Daily Mail.

An Amber Alert was issued for the missing children at 1:37 AM. m. on Tuesday, December 20, almost four hours after the kidnapping occurred.

Authorities reportedly now believed that the vehicle with the babies was allegedly stolen by a known child molester named Nalah Jackson, who was present at the pizzeria when Barnett arrived there.


“Once on scene, Donatos employees said a homeless woman, Jackson, was in the restaurant and left when the victim entered,” Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant said at a conference. She added that Jackson got into the vehicle after Barnett left and drove off with her twins.

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Police also discovered that Jackson passed through Dayton, which is where she met Kyair. He was seen by a passerby around 5 am in the parking lot of the Dayton International Airport.

Bryant reportedly said the car had been seen at a gas station near Dayton and posted surveillance footage of the car. Investigators are now trying to find cameras positioned at better angles to see how Jackson returned the Kyair at the airport.

According to a Daily Mail report, Jackson has a criminal record and had been accused of abusing her own son in June 2021. She reportedly pleaded guilty to child endangerment charges after her 11-year-old son months fell down a ladder. She was sentenced to 13 days in prison and placed on two years’ probation.


The police department has urgently asked Jackson to return the missing baby. “Nalah Jackson, I beg you, please return Kason Thomas to me,” Bryant said, urging the woman to leave the baby at a fire station, hospital or anywhere safe.

“We beg you to please return Kason. We can even pick him up,” Bryant said, adding: “Getting him home safe and sound is our number one priority.”Read More

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