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Even the thought of discovering an intruder lurking in your home and watching you without your knowledge is petrifying. But a Hawaiian couple lived through this terror after finding a stranger living in their house when they returned from an extended vacation.

James and Brittany Campbell, who appear on Lifetime’s true crime show ‘Phrogging: Hider in My House’, say they had gone for a week to visit their family on the mainland and when they returned, they got the shock of their lives.

The couple and their two young children returned to their home in Honululu on September 20, 2019. Upon arrival, they found a bicycle parked outside their residence and sensed that the trauma would come later.


James, who serves in the Navy, went to open the front door of his house, but found that he couldn’t. He realized that someone was pulling him from the inside.

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Ezequiel Zayas Age

The age of Ezequiel Zayas is 23 years.

Ezequiel Zayas, James and Brittany Campbell were shocked to find him in their House

“There is a man peeking through the door. He’s trying to keep it closed and the man says, ‘this is not your house,’ very calmly,” James recalled, according to the NY Post. “I’m stunned”.

James grabbed a sledgehammer to protect himself and managed to get the man out of the house while Brittany frantically called 911. As the intruder left the house, the couple realized he was wearing James’s clothes. “We realize that he is wearing my clothes. Things are getting crazier at the moment,” James said.


Police soon arrived at the residence and arrested the man, whom they identified as 23-year-old Ezequiel Zayas. They soon dragged him out, but the nightmare was just beginning. When the couple went inside, they found their home was “just trashed,” Brittany told the New York Post.

His residence was completely turned upside down. The couple also discovered that their old laptop had been used to record disturbing journal entries about the family.

“There [were] all these typed notes called The Omnivore Trials: A Rehabilitation For Rat-Like People,” James told the show. By now, the couple realized that someone was living in their house longer than they ever imagined.


“He wanted to play doctor with us, and not in the cute little kid way,” Brittany told the Post. “[She wrote about] how she could make us perfect people.”

The stay-at-home mom also found explicit video of the man on her laptop. “This guy had been sitting naked in my chair. That’s disgusting,” Brittany says on the TV show, according to the publication.

“I just felt terrified.” The intruder even knew some chilling details about the couple that no one else knew. “The strangest thing is that he knew medical information about us,” Brittany told the Post. “It’s really strange.”


Suddenly, the pennies began to fall as the couple began to make sense of previously unexplained incidents. For example, they had noticed a computer webcam turning on in the middle of the night in recent months and doors being left open or unlocked.

The whole affair left the family terrified and forced them to move out of the house. “This is an incident that has really affected us psychologically as a family. It has uprooted our entire lives,” Brittany told the Post. “Recovering from this has been really difficult.”Read More….

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