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A Hooters waitress accused of abetting the brutal murder of a 23-year-old who was bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat has asked the judge to lower her bail so she can use money from her OnlyFans account to pay for it.

Ashley Esselborn, 21, asked a Texas judge to reduce her bail from $100,000 to $50,000.

She said that the money in her account would be enough to pay the reduced amount. Subscribers who want access to your X-rated content pay you $12 per month.


Esselborn testified in court that he had at least $8,000 in the account just from his nude photos, but that all his money had been blocked and he had contacted the company OnlyFans to access it, as stated by Daily Mail.

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Ashley Esselborn Age

The age of Ashley Esselborn is 21 years.

Ashley Esselborn, Asks judge to lower bail in murder case

The waitress reportedly cheered when Payton Collier, William Bell and Ronnie Lang beat Zachary Wood at his Wichita Falls home using their hands, feet and a bat.

All were charged with first degree felony murder. Wood was murdered in May 2022 and Esselborn was allegedly present at the scene. The group reportedly attacked Wood because they believed he had taken their drugs and cash while they were at his home.


Collier told police that in addition to encouraging the beatings, Esselborn yelled at Wood as he was being beaten and forced him to reveal the location of the stolen goods.

The judge denied the most recent request to reduce his bail, which had already been reduced from $1 million to $100,000 in the spring. It is still unknown if Esselborn participated in the assault or if he simply encouraged it.

Wood reportedly resided on Brown St with Collier and two other roommates at the time of his death, according to the Wichita Falls Police Department.


According to an affidavit, officers responding to a welfare check call on May 21 around noon discovered Wood’s body in a “looted” home with “evidence that a mass bloodletting event had occurred, in several rooms”.

Esselborn admitted to authorities that he witnessed the attack and helped dump the bloody items afterwards, and Collier backed up his account by saying he watched from the sidelines.

Investigators, however, said a witness told them he heard Esselborn bragging over the phone about how he had participated in the attack on Wood and escaped arrest.


Lang pleaded guilty to the murder in September and is now jailed for 50 years. Lang is in jail on $1 million bail, while Bell is free on $200,000 bail. All remaining defendants have been entered into plea agreements. Read More

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