Who was Brandon Cole? Wiki, Bio, Age, family, Man shot to death in Denver after police officer mistook a marker for a knife

Brandon Cole


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Terrifying body camera video shows the moment a Denver police officer fatally shot Brandon Cole who appeared to be lunging at her with a knife, as a young boy stands just feet away in the line of fire. According to body camera footage released Monday, the Denver police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man earlier this month during an alleged domestic violence incident thought the man was carrying a knife, but was actually only holding a black marker.

The officers can be seen repeatedly yelling at Brandon Cole, 36, as he pretends to have a gun, which later turns out to be a black marker. Cole’s wife and son witnessed the deadly confrontation, as did an unrelated woman and child who walked past the officer pointing her gun at the suspect and yelling at him to show his hands. The adult and child, who appear to have frozen, are commanded by the officer to “Move! Move!” when Cole walks past them.

After being electrocuted, Cole lunges at her as the officer backs up and fires; The boy can be seen standing behind him as the officer’s body hits the ground. The officer radios, “Gunshots,” and the woman and child stand still as they look at Cole lying on the ground with blood everywhere. According to Denver Police Chief Ron Thomas, the anonymous officer had no choice but to shoot and likely did not see the adult and child.


Brandon Cole Age

The age of Brandon Cole was 36 year.

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Who shot and killed Brandon Cole?

Thomas said: “You can see on the video that when he finally deploys his service weapon, the person is so close to her that the view of the little boy and another person isn’t even clear to her. That was certainly a consideration, but there wasn’t much time to act before that individual invaded her.” The tense body cam video begins as two officers respond to a call about domestic abuse at 7:56 p.m. m. on August 5 and arrive in the 2300 block of West Cedar Avenue.

Cole’s wife, who is seen getting up from her wheelchair and sitting on the sidewalk next to their son, asks officers not to immediately point a gun at her husband, with the officer asking if he needs medical attention. .


Cole interrupts their conversation by getting out of his car, slamming the door and taking an “aggressive stance” as he taunts them, according to police. The two officers warn Cole to stay put as his wife yells at him. Cole yells at the officers as he appears to pull something out of his back pocket. “Get it out! Come on. Fuck that.” His wife and the police order him to leave, and the officer pleads, “Hey, Brandon! Look at me! Stop!”

The other adult and the child enter the frame. Cole lunges at them before the police officer tasers him, despite the officer’s repeated requests for him to stop. The adult and child are only a few steps behind Cole when he appears to ignore the Taser and runs straight for it while he is holding something in his hand. The officer yells “no!” one more time before firing.

The Denver District Attorney’s Office is investigating the shooting to determine if the officer, who has been on the force since 2019, acted lawfully when she shot Cole. The caller claimed that Cole pushed her wife out of her wheelchair and was “chasing” her son before police arrived. Thomas added that police are still investigating the domestic violence claim against Cole.Read More…….



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