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Police in Apache, Oklahoma, arrested a teenager during the early hours of Sunday, months after he allegedly defrauded a car dealer of nearly $100,000, according to reports. The Apache Police Department arrested 19-year-old Zachry Brent Bailey at around 3 a.m. m. for an outstanding warrant.

KFOR in Oklahoma City reported that Bailey visited a dealership on April 19 and allegedly wanted to sell an Acura MDX. The news station reported that court records showed that dealership employees were suspicious of Bailey because he was young, and after investigating how much was owed on the Acura, they found only $1,713.23 was owed.

The dealership agreed to purchase the vehicle from Bailey for $48,000 and on April 19 he received a check for $46,272.97. The employees learned that the loan was through First Help Financial and that the settlement amount was $2,244, so Bailey received a check for $64,256 that day.


Zachry Brent Bailey Age

The age of Zachry Brent Bailey is 19 year.

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Charges on Zachry Brent Bailey

The charging documents said Bailey was later found to have made fraudulent transfers of outstanding loan balances from Acura and Toyota the day before selling the vehicles. Approximately two days after the sale of the vehicles, the transfers made by Bailey were reversed and the amount owed appeared in full. As a result, the banks would not release the securities because the loan payment was pending.

Court documents also show the dealership saw three ACH transfer attempts on May 3, one to C3 Rentals for $23,500 and the other two to the finance company for $4,999.99 and $3,689.68, the news station reported. A warrant was issued for Bailey’s arrest on Aug. 1, and on Aug. 12, Apache Police Officer Ben Lehew learned the suspect may be in the Apache area, according to a social media post. from the police department.


Lehew gathered background information on Bailey and learned that he was the subject of several news stories comparing him to Frank Abagnale Jr., played by actor Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie “Catch Me If You Can.” Abagnale was a teenage con man who worked as a doctor, co-pilot for a major airline, and lawyer before working as a consultant for the FBI’s bank fraud division. Lehew learned that law enforcement officials in other states wanted to talk to Bailey for allegedly posing as a doctor and obtaining expensive homes, vehicles, jewelry and electronics.

In one case, the Apache Police Department said, Texas police alleged Bailey was driving an older surplus police vehicle and was in possession of a bulletproof vest, duty belt, ammunition and a “ghost gun,” a handgun no serial number. The possessions led Texas police to believe Bailey was posing as a peace officer, Lehew learned. The officer identified where Bailey was in Apache City and, with the help of additional law enforcement agencies, arrested Bailey without incident. He was taken to the Caddo County Jail and held on $200,000 bond.Read More…….

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