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A Florida mother murdered her 10-year-old son and 19-year-old daughter inside a mobile home over the weekend, days after a judge ordered her to hand over custody of the child to his father. Instead of doing as she was ordered in court, Brandy Hutchins ignored a Friday night deadline, committed the murders, and then took her own life in an alleged double murder-suicide that Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd , described as “absolutely devastating for everyone”, including his helpers who attended the tragic scene.

Judd spoke at a news conference Sunday about the case that “began as a domestic event,” with an ex-husband and ex-wife fighting over custody of their shared 10-year-old son. The boy’s father identified him online as Aiden Hutchins. Last Thursday, the ex-husband went to court from Maine because his ex-wife did not give him custody of Aiden. A judge ordered Brandy Hutchins to surrender custody by 6 p.m. on Friday, Judd said.

On Friday night, the sheriff said, investigators learned the warrant had not been followed and detectives worked over the weekend to find the 10-year-old boy so his father could take him back to the state of Maine. Investigators pinged phones, and friends begged anyone who had seen Aiden to come forward. On Saturday afternoon, the boy’s father also posted online asking for help finding his son.


Brandy Hutchins Age

The age of Brandy Hutchins is not clear.

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Charges on Brandy Hutchins

Around 12:30 p.m. On Sunday, authorities received a call leading them to believe Brandy Hutchins was inside a mobile home with her son and her 19-year-old daughter in the Waverly neighborhood of Lake Wales. Then investigators discovered the horrible truth, Judd said.

Brandy Hutchins “by all indications of our current investigation, has murdered her 10-year-old son and her 19-year-old son. I murdered them,” Judd said. “And after that, she shot herself.” “We are devastated for this beautiful 10-year-old girl, all because her mother did not want to release her to her rightful father pursuant to a court order,” the sheriff added.


Aiden’s father posted Sunday afternoon that “it is with a heavy heart that I write this to give you all an update on my son Aiden Hutchins, who disappeared and was taken by his mother on August 25, 2023, who decided to murder him.” “[He] was killed by her today August 27, 2023. He will always be in my heart and he did not deserve this. Rest in peace my sweet boy, I will see you again. I love you,” he said.

As of Monday morning, the 19-year-old victim had not been identified, but the sheriff said he had a different father. Judd said that although there was a custody battle, there were no red flags that violence could occur, including a criminal record or mental health arrests (“no Baker Laws record,” as the sheriff put it).

“There was no indication that there should be violence, but it was violent,” Judd said. “This was a domestic event, a court-ordered event, where she had to hand over custody to the ex-husband and she wasn’t going to do it, so she murdered the 10-year-old boy. There was the 19-year-old daughter and [she] also murdered her.”


“There was absolutely no evidence in the warrant or in the testimony that there was any violence or threat of violence or danger,” Judd added, underscoring that point. The sheriff said his office deals with “hundreds and thousands” of warrants. So for one to turn out like this has left them “heartbroken and devastated by this horrible, horrible event.” “I can’t imagine a more horrible set of circumstances,” Judd said.Read More…….

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