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A South Dakota woman has pleaded guilty to making a false police report after claiming she was ra*ed by an assailant in Florida, police say. Renee Dawn Skoglund, 30, was arrested in Sioux Falls on March 10 after reporting sexual assault in Hillsborough County two days earlier.

She was charged with misuse of the 911 system, false report of a crime, and fabrication of physical evidence. In 911 audio released by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, Skoglund claimed she pulled over to the side of I-75 after having some car trouble. She later reported that a suspect put a towel over her head, pushed her into the car, and raped her while her arms and legs were bound.

Skoglund told police that a particular type of rope was used, and authorities discovered that the product was sold at nearby Walmart stores. During an extensive search of local Walmart locations, police viewed surveillance video of Skoglund purchasing the rope.


“Following this discovery, detectives recovered video from multiple locations Ms. Skoglund visited at the time of the attack, refuting her initial statements,” the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. “[Skoglund] tried to change her statements before she finally admitted to fabricating the whole incident.”

Renee Dawn Skoglund Age

The age of Renee Dawn Skoglund is 30 year.

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Charges on Renee Dawn Skoglund

According to FOX 13 Tampa Bay, Skoglund, who was married at the time, fabricated the rape to get a free STD test. “She had consensual sex with an individual in Hillsborough County,” prosecutor Jessica Couvertier said in court, according to FOX 13. “She then felt guilty about it because of her marital status and wanted to be tested for a disease of sexual transmission”. disease.”


“This case is truly daunting,” Sheriff Chad Chronister said in a news release in May. “There are too many victims dealing with this type of trauma. This woman tapped into our 911 hotline and diverted attention from the actual victims who need the viable resources available in these investigative settings.” Skoglund was sentenced to two years of community control — a form of house arrest — and eight years of probation, FOX 13 reported. He also owes the sheriff’s office $17,245.26 for the resources they expended while investigating his report. Read More……

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