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A 19-year-old man in Oklahoma was arrested for walking into a Petland pet store and allegedly killing several defenseless animals in a strangely sadistic crime spree earlier this month. Christopher Brooks Jameson was arrested Saturday and booked on an allegation of cruelty to animals, authorities confirmed to Law & Crime.

According to a news release from the Oklahoma City Division of Animal Welfare, Jameson turned himself in to officers with the Oklahoma City Police Department one day after a warrant was issued for his arrest in connection with the shocking allegations. “We want to thank the community for helping us identify the suspects,” Crystal Slocum of Oklahoma City Animal Welfare said in a statement. “This is a heartbreaking and disturbing case.”

As previously reported by Law&Crime, officers with the Oklahoma City Police Department at around 5:48 p.m. on July 14, he responded to a call about possible animal cruelty at a Petland store located in the 13000 block of N Pennsylvania Avenue. Arriving on scene, first responders spoke to the store’s assistant manager, who told police employees located several dead animals inside their enclosures the day before.


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The age of Christopher Brooks Jameson is 19 year.

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Christopher Brooks Jameson

Specifically, the assistant manager reported that one of the parakeets had been found dead inside his cage and they were able to determine that “its neck had been broken,” according to a probable cause affidavit. The store’s rabbit enclosure was located next to the budgie enclosure. There, employees said they found a bunny that was observed to be unresponsive and “quickly determined that it was deceased.”

Surveillance footage from the previous day allegedly showed Jameson and an adult female, who was identified by authorities but not charged in the incident, entering the store around 3:30 p.m. and began to “look around”, before going to the cubs’ enclosure and asking for one of the animals to be brought to them. The cub they were shown was unharmed.


“After interacting with the pup, [the manager] said [Jameson] went to the area where the bunnies and parakeets are kept. [The manager’s] video showed me that [Jameson] reached into the bunny’s enclosure and appeared to hold the bunny down. [Jameson] looks around him and releases the bunny,” the affidavit reads. “Another video showed [Jameson] reaching into the Periquito enclosure and walking away.”

Additionally, the video allegedly showed that the female suspect was not standing directly next to [Jameson], but instead appeared to be acting as a “man spotter.” “After snapping the parakeet’s neck and strangling the bunny, [Jameson] grabbed a hamster and a guinea pig before leaving the store with the female,” police wrote.

When the staff viewed the surveillance footage and saw that the hamster and guinea pig had been taken away, they went out to the parking lot where they located the hamster, which had also been killed. Police said it appeared as if the hamster had been “stomped to death”.


The guinea pig was thought to be missing until officers with the Edmond Police Department were able to obtain security footage that allegedly showed Jameson and the female going into a bathroom at a nearby park with the animal, according to a report from affiliate KOTV. from CBS in Tulsa, Oklahoma. -DT. The guinea pig’s remains were later found outside that bathroom.

KOTV reported that the female allegedly told investigators that she was not acting as a “watchman” and that she did not know that any animals had been injured until she saw posts about the incident on social media.Read More…….

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